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About yourself the English language
Nickname : we are, Anonymous.
Date of birth : 1995.3.5
A place of residence :
Anonymous is
Working around the world of Internet hackers group Anonymous of which means "anonymous" (anonymous) mobile gang in and around the world estimated 3,000 members. Used as a means of a new form of activists who struggle the computer hacking their doctor about the society or a particular audience, including the Government, about the attacks against them.Hacktivist as (: + activist hacking hacktivist).
Cosplay, posing as hate, meals, choding
What do you explain,
Anonymous isn't exist of specific groups and leaders and members, no list. Anonymous is a subscriber, Anonymous members is not Anonymous, such as Anonymous, those who will support these all want to be Anonymous.
The knowledge should be free.

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If some of you beginners want to know how to Install Kali -Linux on VMware Workstation Pro

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Om dan tante"
saya mau nanya nih
Ada enggak grup atau pun yang bisa programing
Bisa kirim kan
WA atau line dan BM y
Soal y saya mau belajar kali tentang itu saya mau serius

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I got a phone call from a number 973-883-1300 the guy claimed to be with google support, he knew my name and address. He said my Google plus account was hacked by someone in Russia and china and i needed to get to a computer immediately! I was a little sceptical but mostly scared! Logic sunk in and i asked for a contact number and extention, before he gave me his number he kept saying to go to my computer and press the Windows button and the R butten to see what happens, I didnt do it instead hung up. The number he gave me was 8888190950 ext. 114. Anyone else familiar with this?

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Check it guys :D

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