I am looking for the person who posted a blog entry about Katharine Gibson's More Pictures to Grow Up With, an art book for young people. I think it was Steven Wall. If I am right, please send me a message. I am writing a biography of the author and would like to chat about this and her other books.

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Do you read books about Bible characters?
24th  Chisleu
December 9th
Dear Diary,
This has been a very, very hard day. I am almost too weary to write, but I must because such memorable things are happening. My body is being wracked with pain. I’ve clung to the poor donkey’s neck and I let my veil conceal my face so Yosef would not see how difficult it has been for me. Not that I fooled him for one moment. He is so anxious, he keeps asking whether or not we should press on to reach Beth Lechem’s khan, (inn), by nightfall or if he should let me rest more often.
As it is, many have tramped on ahead. We are left behind with the roving wild animals, the geshem,, and perhaps even bandits for company. But I do not need to think of that. My emotions are fragile for many reasons, somehow, I still know that Adonai,  hallowed be His Name,  will care for us and His own beloved Son.
24 Chisleu
December 9th
This page will surely be unreadable because I can’t keep the tears from falling. We finally reached Beth Lechem by nightfall but there was no room at the khan, no room at all! All the rooms above the shelter for the animals were overcrowded with wealthy wayfarers, much wealthier than us. In the courtyard below, the animals had scarcely enough room to shuffle around.
The innkeeper seemed apologetic, but helpless. Yosef pleaded for him to suggest someplace—anywhere for us to stay, but the poor, overwrought innkeeper shook his head sorrowfully.
“I am sorry. So sorry,” the innkeeper said, stroking his long, wavy beard agitatedly. He lifted his hand to point at the people crowding around.
“See this multitude? They too are in the same predicament that you are in.”
“But is there not somewhere, anywhere that we can go?”
In Yosef’’s desperation, he reached out to clutch the steward’s striped garment.
“Look, it is not for me that I am concerned,” Yosef continued, “t is for my wife! She is young, slight of build, yet great with child. I fear that all this traveling may bring travail upon her earlier than it ought. We need to find a shelter where she can rest.”
The paunchy innkeeper’s brow furrowed as he gazed around, as if looking for direction. Someone plucked at his sleeve, demanding attention, with a scowl he nudged him aside.
“On yonder ridge is the town, but you will fare no better there.  Nary a house is not overfilled with guests at this time. Many have long awaited the  census already,  and I fear no one is willing or able to take in more travellers.”
“But is there no where for us to go? We are of the lineage of David!”
‘”The lineage of David? Aye, that should help, should help. Know you not of any relative you could stay with?”
            Yosef wrung his hands. “I know of none. We should have inquired earlier..
The innkeeper stepped back and fumbled with his sash. “This small town is not able to contain all those of David’s line.” He finally admitted, sighing heavily.
“Yonder ridge has its share of caves. Many of them will be used as stables in this present predicament, but if you can find a little rest in one of them, you are welcome to it. I will send a servant after you with fresh straw.
“If you require a midwife before the night is over, I may find a moment to check into it, but it will be nigh impossible to secure one at this time. More than one woman is in the same dire condition as your sweet wife.”
In gratitude, Yosef took his hand, clasped it, then reached for the lead strap on the donkey so we could clamber awkwardly down among the rocks in search of a grotto turned into a stable. I lowered the veil back over my face, lest Yosef would see the despair written there.
We did find a cave, however, without too much searching.
When Yosef was able to get the clay lamp lit, it seemed more cozy and inviting. It was rather crowded, unfortunately. Yosef is trying to
persuade some of our fellow cave dwellers to take their lowing, smelly, burden bearers and hustle off to give us a measure of peace.
I am so weary that all I want to do is remove my wet garments, find something dry to wear, and try to rest.  Yosef was rather anxiously fluffing up the fresh straw, which was delivered by a young lad with a hand cart, he is now shaking out our blanket.
I laid  the baby’s swaddling strips near the fire to dry. Fortunately, we had kept one blanket packed well so it wouldn’t get wet on the trip. It was somewhat damp in a couple places but it was better than nothing. We sat beside a central fire until I was warmed up, which seemed to take
forever, then we crawled under our one rather thin blanket together.
In the stall next to ours are two donkeys, tied up, their owners are lounging against a nearby wall. At the far end of the cave, there is some activity going on. I think a shepherd is about to aid a ewe giving birth. Will there be two male ‘lambs’ born before the night is o’er?
24th Chisleu
December 9th
Dear Diary,
I feel that my time is drawing nigh, I am anxious. It is frightening to think of having my baby without my mother, or a midwife nearby. I am worried about the baby. What will happen if He comes before we can move on to a better dwelling? This cave is not clean enough!
Two of the wayfarers, a middle-aged couple, were cooperative and helped us out. Some of the others growled that they were here first and were not at all inclined to be agreeable under such chilly weather conditions.
I fear they have been indulging too long in the wine that is red.
Oh, surely, surely Adonai, hallowed be His Name, will be with me during this difficult time. My every breath is a prayer that  Adonai will
protect His own Beloved Son and me.
By the dejected slope of Yosef’’s shoulders, I can sense that he feels that he has somehow failed me and us. I must stop writing now and tell him how warm and inviting it all looks by the light of the lamp. Surely these stabbing pains will ease now that I have a place to rest. It seems too soon for the little one to make His appearance.
Maybe you want this Christmas to be really refreshing. Maybe you are longing to have a real classical book to remind you of the true story of how Jesus came to earth and changed the world. Don't wait any longer. Here's a treasure that will be a precious reminder for years to come of how wonderful Jesus is. You might want to set it close to your Bible and use it as a Devotional, even.
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My Story. OK, everyone likes a tear-jerk-er now and then. Maybe you won’t cry but I might get a little moist around the eyes just remembering…On the surface I may look like an ordinary Mennonite housewife, clad in dresses and a head covering. So why did I stick my neck out and blog for all those unknown people in the Greater World? To put it simply it’s because I identified with them. And because I identified, I cared, and when one’s heart is moved with compassion, they got to do something about it right? Well, it seems like the only thing I could do that was truly effective was write, so write I did—do. ;^). S’cuse my grammar!

I wasn't always a Mennonite.
My Mom was, but she got swept away from the center of the current when she fell in love with someone who didn’t grow up “in the church”. He joined the church, but soon tired of it, I suppose, and took his family far away. Well, far enough away at least, that they didn’t come back very often. That would have been fine for some people, I suppose, but Mom was lonesome for her beloved family and beloved church. When Marilyn, hey, that’s me! Came along, she soon learned that those relatives of Mom’s were pretty special people. You know, like as in kind and caring. This information would become more valuable to her in the years to come, because she was growing up in a family that was more or less isolated from the main stream of society. And did you know that folks that don’t blend in might have something to hide? Maybe not, but for some reason they aren’t comfortable with their neighbours and the children suffer, Mom and Dad suffer, we all suffer. People need people.


   Things happened that left terrible scars. Let that suffice for now, but those wounds went really deep and took a long time to heal. I thought I had forgiven my Dad. Hey, everyone knows that’s the Christian thing to do, but you know what? I didn’t know the first thing about forgiveness until…
               Let’s get back to those kind and loving relatives. Do you know the story about how Old Man North Wind and Little Miss Sunshine both decided to take off this man’s coat? Old Man North Wind huffed and he puffed, and he huffed and he puffed but that poor, shivering man clung to his coat tighter than ever. Well, it was little Miss Sunshine’s turn to give it a try. She beamed at the man and snuggled up to him ‘til he was so warm that…well you know the rest, he didn’t need that ole shell any more.

               My Christian relatives, and others in the church were like Miss Sunshine; so warm and inviting that they just drew me in. But I didn’t forget the pain. No sirree. God used them in a major way to help heal the wounds from my childhood. My heart went out, nay, overflowed towards children who were also suffering from abuse. I wanted so badly to take suffering children into our home and help them find happiness and healing.  But that wasn’t supposed to be. I have a feeling the Heavenly Father knew I was too fragile emotionally while my own children were still around me to handle more than I was at that time.
But as I truly learned to forgive, I healed …and the children were growing. I am a Grandma now, with more time on my hands, and I still care about you.  If there’s any post that you find especially poignant, I’m glad. May it really bless you, and pray for me that I can continue to be a channel of God’s love. He has done so much for me, that I yearn so deeply to share it with those of you who have never been touched by those Healing Rays. I wish I knew better how to do it. 
P.S. You may have read this before, but here is an update you have NOT read. We still care about people, everyday people who are needy and long to find someone who will just listen and try to understand.  That's why we are starting a Bed and Breakfast called Hollyhock Haven. Come on down and relax and hopefully you will feel rejuvenated after your stay here.

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Pacifists and the way more "aggressive" Christian traditions perceive them. Told with a heavy emphasis on Anabaptists.

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Si ce projet vous interpelle  de rejoindre cette association cela sera  un grand plaisir de pouvoir en discuté   et de vous accueillir .
N hésitez pas à me contacté  frères te soeurs Mennonites .

A bientôt.

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Création d une communauté Amish Mennonite en Europe 

Bonjour .
 N hésité pas a à visité mon blog et à y laissez vos commentaire  .
 celui ci est bien différent et   je suis sur attirera votre attention.
 A bientôt 

Welcome to the Mennonite Community. May the peace of God by with you this Christmas season.

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