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Want a direct source of ideas that may help you produce more compelling time-based productivity apps? Join my mailing list and plug into a new source. Visit and use our resources to supercharge your task management or time tracking app.

Here is that you will find...

Is your time management application looking a lot like the others?

If it's not easy to separate your solution from other apps used for task management and time tracking then it may be time to look for ideas the others aren't already using.

Such as ideas from academic research. Or business schools... gamification... interface design... habit formation.

Or from schools of thought that don't start with G and end with D. (Hint: there's a T in the middle there, somewhere!)

Perhaps it's been a while since an average, non-geek used your app and claimed it was a fun experience? (When did that become a requirement of apps in this niche?)

As you have probably noticed, the bar has been raised. Users want more than a place to store information on their tasks, appointments and time usage. Today, there are a ton of apps that offer reliability across platforms, in the cloud, perfectly synced, and even do so for multiple users.

For free.

Users have responded as they usually do... by refusing to pay, and by jumping around from one solution to another, and even back again. They want more than a reliable database, they crave engagement, learning, growth, mastery, a journey, recognition, surprises, and a feeling like they are winning.

I'm sure I might agree with you here - there aren't any easy answers.

But if you join up with us and participate in the work we are doing, you may discover some of the right questions to ask.

Join my mailing list for application developers of time and task management products and I'll promise to expose you to some new thinking. Here at 2Time Labs we comb all available sources of ideas and package them up in ways that helps designers get their solutions to stand out from the crowd.

We share these insights on this website, in books, on podcasts and in a Google Plus community so that you can find them in raw form, perhaps refining and applying them to your own efforts. We also provide advisory services to select companies that develop apps (like SkedPal) when we stumble upon ideas or teams with the unique potential to change the world.

No kidding... there are billions of adult humans (i.e. the majority) who are using memory, paper, and digital solutions to manage their time-based productivity. Each day they wake up wanting to be a little more productive than yesterday: they are looking to people like you and me to offer them help.

If this vision sounds even a bit familiar, and you sense that we can be helpful, don't hesitate to join up and establish a fresh line of communication to share ideas. Visit

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#Education and Its Importance
We have some questions in our minds. #Iseducationanecessity or a Luxury? Why is education important? What happens if we are not educated? Here, a little attempt has been made to answer such questions. We shape plants by cultivation and we #shapeMenbyEducation. Education is not for studying and grabbing good results at schools and colleges

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It's a ๐Ÿฆ, it's a plane โœˆ๏ธ.... It's an epic freebie that will help you actually achieve your goals in the new year ๐ŸŽ†!

That up there is the goal maker. Let's get into why to use it and what's inside. Or you can just grab it for free using the link down below โ†˜๏ธ.

Its tempting ๐Ÿ˜‹ to just keep doing goals the way we always have- even if it means we fail again. But that's just gonna lead us to more of the same failed results. It's a new year coming up, and it's time to leave those failed #resolutions behind.

So that's why the goal maker is here to save the day. This epic ๐Ÿ˜ฎ freebie packs some massive value. It helps you get real about your goals and turn them from ideas to actionable strategies.

ย All 16 pages of it. Yup, it's huge. That's because it takes you step by step every part of analyzing your last month's goals and the complete process of making goals and breaking them down into manageable chunks.

Each section has its own unique design, color ๐ŸŽจ, font โœ’๏ธ , and beautiful cover page, so you don't start dozing ๐Ÿ˜ช off halfway through.

So whatcha waiting for? It's time to smash those #goals. Just click on that shiny link for an epic #freebie.

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Lifesaver is a game-in-a-film which gets you to make the choices you'd have to make in a real emergency.

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One of the big ideas I use at 2Time Labs is that there's a better option than telling people which habits/practices/tools to follow or use. Instead, teach them how to diagnose their current skill versus best practices and form a supported plan of improvement.

Here are the results of a typical self-evaluation in our training - both online and live, plus they can be done from my book. These two charts contrasting to learners is made up of 11 fundamentals which are broken down into 42 sub-skills.

Apps and software must reckon with these behaviors.
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