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» Eren Yeager/Jaeger +kai Dragneel

» Armin Arlert +Akina Shiori

> Mikasa Ackerman +Toshimi Yuugao

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Name ~ Clementine Yawazawa

Age~ 14

Sisters~ Rachelle and Bobby (Dead)

Quotes: "every rose has thorns" "do no judge my character just on the person you walk on" "don't look down on me just because I'm little"
"Everything has a reason to kill would you be mad at a puppy for trying to kill you for trying to protect the weak" "you can tell me anything"

Likes: reading, singing, sweet memories of her sisters and friends, cute boys, happiness, being with people

Hate: crying all the time, bad memories, watching people die, the outfit so she makes her own, being alone

Abilities: able to hide in the shadow, is good bait, fist aid, has a hidden ability but your going to have to find out what that is on your own tehe

Appearance: she wears a necklace that she doesn't take off ever not for anything given to her by her sisters. (Clementine pink hair)

Personality: sweet, kind, doesn't like being picked on, caring, do anything to protect everyone, can be abit stubborn, friendly, and a little bit of a hypocrite

Bio: she was out side when her oldest sister Rachelle (purple hair) got curious and went over the wall Clementine and Bobby (blue hair) followed their older sister across the wall. They across the for about 10 minutes when a Titan came Rachelle screams for them to run but Clementine was to scared to run while the (FYI she was 10) Titan ran towards her at full speed and when Rachelle went running the other detection screaming "over here" taking the it's attention away from Bobby and Clementine. I screamed as my sister we killed infront of me. Bobby "Ok Clementine go back through the in through the hole". When I did I looked for Bobby and I cried as I heard her screaming. Then the day when they broke through the wall my dad left me there to die alone when Levi saved me

Role model: Levi

Friends: none ~ (open to members)

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Quote: "why do you want to know what I say?"

Name: Rosé Conner


Affiliation: Sevry Crops (wing of freedom)

Gender: Female

Abilites: has good combat and is fast runner

Strengths: her remember of her farther

Weaknesses: people she knows dies

Likes: music,drawing,s in to herself, horses

Dislikes: yelling,people talking about me,hair in my face

Appearance: wears black shirts and black legging,black Boots,wears her hair up

Personality: nice and sometimes mean, smartass,laugh at situation

Bio: find out in rp


Hello :3 may I speak to someone and ask questions

(Open, on the wall +Isabel Magnolia​ ) I'm looking up at the stars... smiling... I was reminded of my parents and best friend. It was the first time you saw me smile. I started softly singing shatter me by Lindsey Sterling

Heh- Kinda bored at the moment Sticks my tongue out.

Isabel Magnolia

Strawberry Head Only used by Farlan



February 14.


Most likely happy all the time. At times she can be serious but in a funny way.

Big bro Levi, Farlan Church.

Painting, eating, sleeping, animals, Big bro, Farlan.

Some humans, Titans, pinching cheeks, the sun, red, glasses, Erwin.

Red hair and in pig tails all the time. Big, green eyes. She still lives underground so, she wears a black cape when she is on maneuver gear. Under it she wears a white long sleeve shirt and a brown vest. She has blackish, brownish pants with black boots.

She lived in a small town and bumped into Farlan and Levi one day. She began living with them since she escaped for the orphanage. That took care of her since then.

•"Stop calling me short. Or I'll kick your shin."
•"Farlan and Levi are my ONLY family."
•"My job is being cute."
•"You're a QT!"

Thanks for having the time to read it. Heh- I know I'm bad.

It was 9:30 it was cold with the air blowing across the camp our squad was packing up getting ready to move through the forest and into the walls We were both sent out to check for Titans....

Who wants to Rp?

Hi I'm new

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Charecter Profile Outline:]
"Quote" Life is hard deal with it

*Name: Nisaki Kinosaki


Age: 16

Species: Human

Gender: Male



*Affiliation: Survey Corps

Occupation: Recruit

Appearance: He usually were a black uniform and takes a bag everywhere he has a arrowhead necklace. His eyes turn red at times off pain.

Likes: Helping others, Sleep, Killing Titans, Girls, The night, heat

Dislikes: Annoying people, Titans, No sleep,Cold,Day time, Levi

Relationships: Single and Straight

Statistics: (Each stat is out of 10.)





Personality: Nisaki keeps to himself most of the time. He's easily annoyed and protects others.Nisaki pretty playful when he's relaxed.

Origin Story: His Father was a scientist that studied the Titans and his Mother was a veteran of the Scouting Legion. His father discourage him looking up to his mother but he always ignored it. He always studied his father and his mother taught him hand to hand combat.

Biography: He never really socialized much as a kid. His family mother was in the military and his dad was a scientist. He was always interested in his fathers work which was about Titans. He lived in the first wall as a kid until the Titans. Unlike many others he didn't escape. He stayed in the ruins of his home where he would surrounded by Titans. He ran through the abandoned houses to avoid the Titans. For years he tried escaping failing many times but always would study Titans but from a far. He would run to the near by farms to collect food. Until He was later found by one of the captains in a month. He still works with Titans getting as close as possible trying not to get injured. He's pretty skilled with hand to hand do to his mothers training.
Status: Scouting Legion ((He may be a Titan shifter just maybe))
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