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So, categories are now officially a thing, I will add more if needed.

The categories include;

Vore related questions - obviously for asking me vore related questions
Non-Vore related questions - for those questions that aren't vore related
Random questions - where you can ask me any question, no matter how random it is
Family questions - where you can ask me questions about my family
Talk sessions with Valentine - where you can just talk to me, without needing to ask me a question

Oh, and "Discussion" is pretty much just going to be me talking to you guys/asking you guys questions, that's why the name has changed-

That all being said, I hope chu have fun~ owo

Hi +Valentine Umbreon​ you don't really know me , right ? U don't even know my name , what i like , my taste , ect ... AND you don't talk to me !
Val , i think we are not really friend ...
Why you don't talk to me ?

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Can you be my mommy Val? I'm an orphaned eevee

Did you know you were the first person to nom me? And that I wanted you to be the first?
Thank you for making my desires happen and for loving me. :3

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Hey valentine
(Or anyone else who wants me^^)

I taste like cotton candy. :3

Can I poke you?
readies finger

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Am i adorable and edible?
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