Name: Leon Severus Jones
Age: 13
Year: 2
Blood type: half-blood
Appearance: Dark short hair with bangs and a white streak, red eyes, smooth hair, pale skin, slightly toned muscles
Height: 46kg
House: Freyja
Abilities: Animagus, turns into a wolf
Personality: Kind, caring, but cool and quiet.
Strength: Potions, transfiguration, defense against dark arts
Weakness: Charms
Likes: Reading, drawing, twins, singing, music, having fun with friends, quidditch
Dislikes: being ignored but not center of attention, scolded for no reason, annoying people, girly girls
wand: maple, dragon heartstring, 11.5 inches


i am really sorry, as i cant be operative can u plz take me from charms teacher and a moderator.. i will try to active for the triwizard...thnx..


Name: Isaac Watson
Year: 5
House: Freyja
Continent: Europe (More specifically, Britain)
Special ability: Part Veela
Strengths: Flirting with girls, Potions, Charms
Weaknesses: Transfiguration
Likes: Quidditch, hunting.
Dislikes: Superficial girls.
Appearance: Black hair, light blue-green eyes, pale skin. Good-looking.

Muggle Studies
Class, I would like you to submit some photos of Muggle apparel.

We have a rival community.

Welcome back to school, here is the start of term feast waves wand and food appear on every plate Enjoy! Start of term notices will be announced after dinner smiles

Dear Drumstrang institute I am headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry(harry potter world community)I want to make and important announcement we are organizing an triwizard tournament and we request you to join us in this wonderful tournament any moderator or owners can contact me if yes thank you(we will make a common community if you accept this )
+vaibhavi dave

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