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she is my Favourite
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Look at my son

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Am new here

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Inoue is my Favourite Character

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Happy birthday, Orihime Inoue.

One of my favorite characters in anime/manga and my 2nd favorite character in Bleach just behind Aizen.

.Age 15 (start of the series if you don't count flashbacks) to Age 27 (final chapter). School girl to MILF.

.From an orphan to family member

.From bullied to having friends/allies.

.From short hair to long hair.

.From having the Bleachtards bitching about her to them rage quitting so hard due to the final chapter in which they have drop their accounts (Tumblr/YT/Twitter) thus the Orihime hate is dropping down. There is still hate but it's dropping down in numbers. So happy to hear that :D.

.Made it to the Top 10 Best Bleach characters of 2014 in Japan and didn't make it to the awful Top 20 "worst" Anime/Manga female list in Japan which signifies that the hate is dropping down.

.Sexy and cute at the same time

.Very compassionate/nice and has nice powers

.The one anime female that introduced me to the moe girl types and other compassionate females. In which I later saw Kotori (Love Live), Moka (Rosario Vampire), Megumi (Soma), and others. I don't care if people call me out for liking moe or other types.

You have finally grown so much Orihime. Also thank you both Yuki Matsuoka (Alisa from Tekken) and Stephanie Sheh (Usagi from Sailor Moon) for voicing this character.
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All of these are my favorite clothes of Orihime Inoue (Bleach). They were either drawn by Kubo or animated by Studio Pierrot (back when they were at least decent).

.Christmas (short sleeved)
.Black sweater & Black skirt
.Valentines Day angel outfit
.Timeskip school uniform (thigh socks & long sleeve shirts)
.Hell Verse clothes (Green, shorts, and black leggings)
.Brown coat and pink/white skirt
.Sleeping dress
.Winter clothes (purple)
.Winter clothes (green with hat, white leggings and scarf)
.Biker clothes (black sweater, scarf, and jeans)
.Summer clothes (white)
.New Year
.School Uniform (white short sleeve shirt & knee socks)
.Chinese dress
.1st half final arc clothes (short sleeved shirt and shorts)

Now finally my Top 5

1) Winter clothes (Green with hat, scarf, and white leggings)

2) Hell Verse (Green shirt, shorts, and black leggings)

3) Arrancar

4) School uniform (short sleeve shirt and knee socks)

5) Shinigami

I'm going to ask +BLFML72 +Shaun N Ince and +SwagHime (Rejection Queen) for their Top 5 Orihime clothes.

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Wow, found a very beautiful Orhime fanart. This is so pretty and well done! :D

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<3 <3 <3


More smiles in her Arrancar outfit. I always prefer her to smile.
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