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you are a rough and tsundere lover, your mean and careless on the outside but you really want to be loved. im more of a lovey dovey person, i like to cuddle and be warm because im cold natured while you are hot natured. im a masochist and like torture and bondage.

your a bad boy who got into trouble on a daily basis and would end up hurting someone either way. you were in a gang you would not tell me anything about it, just that you done bad stuff, which kinda exited me. i was a bounty hunter, i hunted people, more just like a spy, i didnt really hurt anyone i just got info on them.
we were lovers for a while, we really didnt do much because you didnt feel like it or you didnt want to because you didnt want to look soft towards me which i didnt make such a fuss about but i was trying to find some type of replacement for the love you werent showing me.
even though you are a tsundere, you also could get very jealous over little things, which your jealously acts just looked like you were pissed all the time so i wouldnt think much about your hotheadedness.

we were watching tv, it was late and dark out and no lights were on besides the tv glare and for some reason you were sitting on the other side than me on the sofa. i was huddled in blankets and nearly asleep, leaning over slightly while you were just watching (fav tv show) not paying attention to me.

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[][][][]Any one what to do a long term Sex Rp with me? I'm looking for SEMES that knew what they are doing and are really rough in bed~[][][][]

[][][][]If you what to do one of the types below, tell me witch you what in your comment and i will make a starter for it. If i missed something you what to try out pleas tell me about it.[][][][]

{{{The Left is you the right is me}}}
[][]Father X Son[][]
[][]Teacher X Student[][]
[][]Student X Student[][]
[][]Brother X Brother[][]
[][]Boyfriend X boyfriend[][]
[][]Master X Slave[][]
[][]Master X Demon[][]
[][]Demon X Human[][]
[][]Human X Demon[][]
[][]Vampire X Werewolf[][]
[][]Werewolf X Vampire[][]

SEME NEEDED {{{Pleas do not switch the rolls > ~ <}}}
No one liners {{I do 10+ but if need be i will allow less as long as its not just one line}}
Have FUN {{ add any twist to the Rp as long as it moves along with the way of the Rp}}

////{{{Place only comment if you want to do the Rp}}}\\\\

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Anyone wants to Roleplay?
Seme Needed!
I dont Care how many Lines or how is your grammar But please write often.
You can write as you want, it does not matter what happens with the characters main it remains exciting


Name: Nicholas
Nickname: Niki
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexualität: Gay
High: 163 cm
Appearance: big Brown eyes, Brown Hair, girlish Body,
Personality: Shy at strangers, attached to friends and acquaintances, sometimes obtrusive, everyone likes his personality and find it cute when Niki cuddles up to them
Like: Stuffed animals, Sweets, His stuff Bunny, cuddle, sleep in a soft pillow
Dislikes: hate, If somebody hurt him
Friends: -
Siblings: His older Brother who protect him alot for everyone
Status: single
Position: Uke
A Little Starter:
(I write First person)

My brother brought me to school today. I go happily into the class but when I see my brother no longer I'm totally shy and look around with anxious glances.Quietly I sat down at my place next to (Y / N) and make me very small. I work with the lessons. But when our teacher said I should make a project with (Y / N) I glare Stunned. After the lesson, we will meet and work on the project.

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>>>> It has been 4 years sense your sex slave was killed. He was killed by the men that opposed you and the mafia your were in. You cherished ans spoiled him even though he was only your slave. You had moments were you were cold and brutal to him, but didn't make losing him any less painful for you.

>>>>after some time you chose to go out and get a now one. Telling you self that you would do what i took not to get him killed lick the last one. To you this wasn't just getting a new slave to spoil but redemption for what happened. After you got out of your car you walked in to the strip club, and down a pare of stairs to a door. it was guarded by men in black suits. They moved out of your way when you showed them Who you were and you walked in.

*>>>> You walked cage after cage and soon stopped buy a slave that was out of his cage, but chained to a wall by his caller. You ask a man about him, and he told you they named the slave Amai. He explained to you that he had a biting problem and need to be watch do though the game an trick he would play on the people that worked there. He also told about haw even though he was a trouble maker he was still very obedient. As you looked at him he seemed to do what he could not to looked back at you. There really wasn't much information on him, do to how new he was to being there but you felt it would be good to figure him out your self.Came over to him keeling down and.....

~~What happens next is on you~~

#1 No one liners
#3 Have FUN>>>I am open for any the you wish to add to the the rp

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~~_Dose any one want to do a long term sex Rp with me_?
I'm looking for Semes that are rough in bed and that know what they are doing

|||My rules are|||

(No one line responses if you can 5+)

(Pleas tell me is you want to leave the rp)

(SEME NEEDED pleas don't switch up on me)

(Have Fun add in what ever twist you think is good for the Rp just let me know fist)

((I ill make a starter for the on you ask for in your comment. If i left out something you want to try out tell me about it))

Brother X Brother
Father X son
Student X student
Boyfriend X boyfriend
Master X Slave
Master X Demon
Demon X Human
Human X Demon
Vampire X Werewolf
Werewolf X Vampire

On the LEFT is you on the RIGHT is me

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Anyone wants to RP?
Seme Needed

You are my 30 year old father, I am 8 years old, my name is Noah. My mother died. For six months you were always very sad. And I've done everything to make you happy , That went so far as you have me, whenever you fancy, have fucked. Wherever you wanted. In the car, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the park, in the swimming pool even when shopping.Since I thought you would not love me anymore if I say no, I've done everything for you I put on the tight sex outfits when you took a buddy with you. I have admitted that he should touch me and if he paid you well he also me before yours Eyes rape.

Today is Saturday, I sit on the couch in the evening and wait for you to be home. You come home with a very drunk woman. The woman is wearing only her underwear. You kiss her wildly and get her right next to the couch. The woman does not notice me but you....
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Anyone wanna RP one of this Pictures with me?
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Seme needed
Anyone wants to RP?
≈Title: Daddys Slut≈

I'm home, wait patiently for you. As you desire. And then you finally get back from work

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<><><>*Your wife left you after you got tired of her drinking and leaving your son Koda unattended when she was with him. She took him with her only to make you have to live alone. You spent 3 years thinking about your son. No matter what you did, Koda was on your mind, but not only as your son. you were starting to have feeling for your him, even though you only saw him two times a year. He would be turning 17 soon and you had no way to get to him. Even if it was just for a moment to tell him happy birthday*

<><><> As soon as this thought came across your mind there was a loud knock on the door. You got up top see who it was as soon as you opened the door Koda ran in and hugged you tight be for he let go and took a step back "Koda what are you doing here?" You asked him in a shocked but happy tone, he smiled up at you and answer "I ran way....." You asked him about his mom, and what if she found out. He told you she had no right to keep him, so it should be fin if he stayed there with you. You looked at him as said this and?....

***what happens next is up to you~~

NO one liners
Have FUN~

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<<<<<You never really had a chance to own a sex slave for you self. You spent your days making sure that the ones in the trade market were all put in to good hands. Only with people that wont be to hard, but not to soft ether. There has never been a case were a save was beaten badly or killed. The ones that were badly abused were the ones that got sent to the market you worked at. You find a better masters for them to stay with. Ones that will spoil them, but still have a point were they as stern and only slightly cold to the slave. As you went on with your work, you started to here of masters that don't know what to do with there self if the slave is not around. Even some that let there slaves out on there own as long as they comes back home, and that always do.

<<<<<The people you worked for started to see how grate a job you were doing. They thought it was time that you got something for the hard work you did. The boss called you in, and the first thing you got was ownership of that strip club you always talked about. He told you that they were going to train another man to take your pales, and that they would call you in if they needed your help. this was both good and bad to you. You would miss the slaves and the people you worked with. but you also had a new better paying job that you have wanted for ever.

<<<<<*You said you good beys and left for home that day. But later that night the was a knock on you door some one how you worked with was standing at the door with another younger man standing by him* "You never own a slave before but we thought it would be nice to let you have one. I know you will bee good to him and still have you mean points so here." He pleas his hand on the younger males back as to say go ahead. He walked up to you and looked up into your eyes. "W...will you be my new master Mr.{{Your name}}?" Your eyes widened and you.......

( )( )( )( )(Whats next id one you)( )( )( )( )

Rules _No one liners
_have FUN~
Pleas if you can, sent me would your oc looked like don't worry about it its cool
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