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I am new to git and was hoping to get some help. I am hosting a local git server on CentOS 7 to host multiple repositories, each with multiple projects. The user terminals are Mac OS and will be utilizing SSH keys for login. How would I go about ensuring that different users have access to only the portions of each repository they are assigned? Is it a wise choice to have multiple repositories on a single server if I am making separate permissions for each? Thanks!

My team use a simple model with Git.

Master branch is the latest development and is considered as unstable.
For RC (ReleaseCandidate) we make a new branch for every release and use the version as branchname. Like “2018.09”.

So the buildscript checkout and build master every morning.
Then on demand it can also build the named RC.

The git part of buildscript look like this:

git clean -fd // Git generic action to remove generated files etc
git fetch // Git fetch action with tags and force option checked
git checkout -f %BranchName% // Git generic action to choose branch
git reset --hard origin/%BranchName% // Git generic action to reset index
git pull %Repository% // Git generic ation to pull repository
git rebase --skip // Git generic action that rebase

If the last rebase action is fails it is ignored.

Now the problem is that RC builds can get commits from master branch.
I also had a feeling that the this sequence of actions can be simplified.

It should just reset everything and get the latest from specified branch to working dir.
Any advice how to improve/fix this ?

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Version control is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later....https://goo.gl/JRZnGu #git #github #begineer #intermediate

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I heard that Delphi CE only support local databases, not over network. I assume Firedac is used then. But is it possible with a driver like Unidac from Devart ?

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Hi guys, i am new to Git, and i had some problems with it. I hope you help me.
i tried to learn about Command line and UNIX operating system, so as a Windows user i had to install Oracle virtual box and Vagrant to handle the operation of making Ubunto works as a virtual environment. Here is the problem, each time i write the command (vagrant up) the VM destroys itself as shown in the images. so how can i fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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