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Hi everybody! Here are the CouchDB Weekly News again!
- Share your experience of teaching CouchDB
- Performance tuning parameters
Releases for CouchDB and PouchDB (tape-recorder 1.0.1, Kazana-bootstrap 2.0.0 and pouch-lru-cache 1.1.4…)
In opinion and news: Transcript of Joan Touzet's talk "Evolve Or Perish! Improving Communities The Apache Way"
Extensive list of questions and discussion on StackOverflow over CouchDB and PouchDB – join in!
And some good reads for the weekend…
Major Discussions CouchDB Certification?  (see thread) Planning to organise a NoSQL/CouchDB course for computing learners, a user has asked for an official or certified graduation test for CouchDB....
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Here we go with the CouchDB Weekly News, including:
- Discussions over a new tag-line for CouchDB and the official Nano release 
- In opinions and news: an article on Ddoc Lab and how it may lower the barrier to enter the community and a video visualising the evolution of PouchDB
- A meetup on "Advenures in Ember and CouchDB" in Indiana is coming up!
- Great job opportunities
- and some reading to relax over the weekend
Major Discussions Brainstorm: A new CouchDB tag-line? (see thread) On the marketing list a discussion on shortening and strengthening the current CouchDB tag-line was reopened. For many the term ‘r...
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Alexander Shorin

Libraries and Tools  - 
Create couchapps and CouchDB design docs right in your browser. Being online or offline.
Ddoc Lab is a missing tool in CouchDB universe. It's a specialized IDE for authoring, validating, building and publishing couchapps and design docs. With Ddoc Lab you need nothing but browser to compose a couchapp. Ddoc Lab supports includes, code minification, remote sources fetching and ...
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Hi again! Here are the topics of this week's CouchDB Weekly News: 
- Major discussions: Windows build, chunked transfer-encoding capability of HTTP/1.1, questions regarding npm releases and the ASF/ASF releases and CouchRest
- Many releases and updates in the CouchDB and PouchDB universe
- couchdbkit feature in NoSQL, Bradley Holt at OS Convention
- Use Case – CouchDB Statistics and many questions for CouchDB and PouchDB users on Stack Overflow
- CouchDB meetup in Boston (August 4th) – Call For Speakers still up!
- Jobs and your weekly bit of relaxation …
Major Discussions Windows build failing on couch_ejson_compare.c (see thread) As reported in the previous Weekly News, there was a problem with the Windows build blocked by khash NIF (see thread). ...
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Libraries and Tools  - 
Need to visualize your data from CouchDB? 

We put together a demo repo that shows how easy it is to drop ZingChart into your project and get visualizations up and running with CouchDB data. #couchdb   #javascript   #dataviz  
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Here are the CouchDB Weekly News.

This week:
- CouchDB 2.0 progress
- Use cases for Android, https reverse proxy replication, utc_id behavior
- Subscribe to CouchDB Weekly News and Blog updates via mail
- Events and job opportunities
- releases in the CouchDB and PouchDB universe 
- and as always, some time to relax on the weekend!
Major Discussions 2.0 progress (see thread) A list of missing features and suggestions. Feedback is very welcome. CouchDB questions (or why use a document-based database) (see thread) A new user to...
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Hey all! Here we are again with a fresh issue of the CouchDB Weekly News.
This week's main topics:
- CouchDB 2.0 and ApacheConEU
- News: nmo, a new tool to manage CouchDB clusters, Fauxton 1.0.3 and other releases
- Events: Open Tech School CouchDB meetup & workshop 
- Blogs writing about CouchDB and a lot of questions, use cases, jobs and as always, an extensive time to relax!!!
CouchDB Weekly Meeting (see summary) CouchDB 2.0 status: Benchmark test suite results needed – measurement tools, e.g. work2, tsung,, will be further investigated. CORS support for chttpd...
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Hi there - the new CouchDB Weekly News is out. This week's highlights:
CouchDB website redesign, great insights on "promises" and how Drupal 8 syncs with CouchDB and more news, use cases, jobs from and for the CouchDB universe... 
All this on the blog!
Major Discussions Transfer of (see thraed) It has been discussed how to transfer the domain from IBM to ASF infra. CouchDB website After some contributors teamed up to redesign the C...
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Submissions for the new CouchDB Logo are open, couchperuser codebase has been accepted – plus many more community news, releases, job opportunities for people with CouchDB skills and more great content: the CouchDB Weekly News is out 
Major Discussions Notice: Submissions for the new CouchDB logo are open (SEE THREAD) As announced, there will be a vote for a new logo for CouchDB soon. All submissions so far, minus the ones that ...
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Santanu Sen

Libraries and Tools  - 
I was recently working on a .NET project that uses CouchDB v 1.6.1 as its database. As part of this project, we created this library to abstract away the HTTP requests to a CouchDB. It is a work in progress, but the methods available should be sufficient for CRUD operations on a CouchDB database.

CouchDBLibrary - A CouchDB library in C#
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About this community

Apache CouchDB™ is a database that uses JSON for documents, JavaScript for MapReduce queries, and regular HTTP for an API.
Hi there!! Here we go with the CouchDB Weekly News:
Discussions: Joan Touzet interview on “CouchDB and the Apache way”, Feedback for Fauxton…
A long list of releases for CouchDB and PouchDB (couchdown 1.2.0, spawn-pouchdb-server 3.0.0…)
In opinion and news: Leeds JS Talk: "JavaScript Offline First"
Questions and Use Cases for CouchDb and PouchDB
Events and job openings for CouchDB friends
And a lot to read and relax!
Major Discussions Joan Touzet was interviewed on CouchDB and the Apache way Joan was interviewed for her upcoming keynote talk at Texas Linux Fest: Joan Touzet on CouchDB and the Apache way Project...
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Hi everybody!
Here are the CouchDB Weekly News, including:
- Release: PouchDB 4.0.0, dDoc Lab (CouchApp and design doc editor/builder) and spawn-pouchdb-server
- In opinions and news: CouchDB received CSRF protection, "Ballast Overboard" – A great post on the new PouchDB release, 
- Welcome, we have a new committer!
- And as always: jobs and events (Belgraders, heads up for the meetup!) around CouchDB
-  and a lot of reading for you to relax over the weekend…
Major Discussions CouchDB Filtered Replication - Group of Doc's Don't appear to be batched (see thread) A user has issues with a filter doing a simple check and making syncing from a couch instance...
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Hi all! These are this week’s CouchDB Weekly News:
- Major discussions: Open Sourcing Cloudant Search, a few [2.0] Replication Issues
- Releases like hapi-couchdb-store – CouchDB REST & front-end API
- In other opinions and news: “A big Thumbs Up for CouchDB!” from the User Mailing List, and a post on “Cloudant and CouchDB: Little Docs, Big Thoughts”
- The Summer CouchDB Meetup, first talk is announced
Please enjoy!
Major Discussions [NEWS] Open Sourcing Cloudant Search {see thread) and Cloudant Search is Open Source now! (see thread) IBM Cloudant announced to be “Open-Sourcing CouchDB Search Integration with ...
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Good Thursday everyone, these are the CouchDB Weekly News:
- Major discussions: Welcome nano to ASF and Windows built is blocked by khash NIF
- releases like nano-option 1.0.0
- a webcast recorded from Erlang webinar on CouchDB and IBM Cloud
- a lot of questions and use cases for CouchDB and PouchDB, like a tutorial on how to install CouchDB with Ubuntu 15.04
- Johannes Jörg Schmidt is official new CouchDB committer
- CouchDB meetup in Hamburg tonight! and in Boston on August 4th
- job opportunities and more events and a lot of relaxation … :)
Major Discussions Welcome nano to the ASF! :) (see thread) nmo is now a subproject of CouchDB, like nano. nmo is a cli client for managing CouchDB 2.0 clusters. See here for the code location and t...
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Here are the CouchDB Weekly News. This week:

- CouchDB 2.0 build script
- IP Clearance
- Various use cases and discussions (e.g. as to use CouchDB with HTTPS)
- “Dockerized CouchDB” and more releases.
- CouchDB Meetup in Hamburg to come. 
- and as always, some time to relax on the weekend!
Major Discussions The new 2.0 build tools just landed in master (see thread) A CouchDB 2.0 build script, that started in February 11th, was merged June 24th. A major rework was started last week ma...
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Hi, there. Here we go with the CouchDB Weekly News for you. Main topics this week:

- User interview videos by Cloudant featuring CouchDB
- Events: Open Tech School CouchDB workshop on Saturday, rsvp still open
- Extensive NoSQL Report featuring CouchDB 
- lots of releases in the CouchDB and PouchDB universe and even more
- questions and use cases via stack overflow, 
- jobs and as always, some time to relax on the weekend!
Major Discussions Cloudant videos discussing CouchDB (see thread) How to use user interviews featuring CouchDB such as the videos by Cloudant and Dimagi (full list): Dimagi's data requirements for ...
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Hello again with the CouchDB Weekly News.

This week: Great marketing efforts at CouchDB a plugin proposal, releases in the CouchDB and PouchDB universe, use cases, jobs and a lot of time to relax!

Read more on the blog: 
CouchDB Weekly Meeting (see summary) Fauxton: active tasks will be finished soon with being moved from backbone to react. Work on wizard-ticket – a cli client for _setup and an Erlang patch, which ...
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Vote on the new CouchDB Logo, releases, use cases and apps built with CouchDB & AngularJS, as well as events, job opportunities and content for some relaxing time: the CouchDB Weekly News is out!
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Get your latest update on community discussions, releases, job opportunities & more: the CouchDB Weekly News is out!
Major Discussions GitHub Pull Requests merging policy (SEE THREAD) Ongoing discussion of approaches and processes for merging Pull Requests on GitHub. Vote: Import docker-couchdb (SEE THREAD) The v...
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Alexander Shorin

News  - 
We are Neighbourhoodie Software and we specialise in web application development and consulting.
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