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Name:Jet Azure/Kyria Azure
Guild:Dragon's Den
Guild Position:Children of the Guildmaster
Magic:Black Ice Dragon Slayer/Light Fairy Magic
History:Not much to say just yet since they're kids but they have different fathers Jets father was a shadow mage who Sapph fell in love with and Kyria's was a light mage who raped Sapph when she was 20.
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(I liked Kinus idea for the fox pet and since I didn't give Shun an exceed he now has a wolf :) )
Magic?:She doesn't have magic herself but Shun gave her an artifact called the Demonic Entity Shard that she wears as a necklace.It gives her the ability to change into a demon wolf.
Personality:Loyal,protective,motherly towards Kyria and Jet
Short bio:Terran was an abandoned pup that Sapph found on one of her missions so she brought her back for Shun as a gift.Shun and Terran grew inseparable.As a reward from a mysterious and questionable mission Shun obtained the Demon Entity Shard that Terran now wears around her neck that gives her the ability to change into a demon wolf.
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Name:Shun Kayane
Known Aliases:Scourge of Dragon's Den,Cyclone,The Ninja of the Wind
Guild:Dragon's Den
Magic:Cyclone Phoenix Slayer
Personality:Mysterious,loyal,secretive,seems harsh but really just wants to protect those close to him.
Notable Marks:Two scars across his face that resemble claw marks(not pictured because I couldn't get them to look right)
History:Raised by the Phoenix of the wind Kayane.Not much is known other than that because he doesn't speak of his past.Everyone asks about how he got his scars and he just says "An accident." Other than that he poses as an older brother figure and babysitter for his Guildmaster's kids which makes him popular with any girl that sees him with the kids.

Those who joined need to make your profiles so we can get the roleplays started

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Name:Sapphira Azure

Nicknames:Sapph,Frosty or Frostbite



Magic type:Ice Dragon Slayer/Ice Make (they go hand in hand with eachother)

Guild:Previously Fairy Tail,now Dragons Den

Position:S-Class;Guildmaster of Dragons Den(If its alright to have my own guild,it's in her bio about why she created a guild)


Personality:Loyal,bad tempered,hard to please,very competitive she is also very kind and caring towards those she loves.

Adoptive Mother-Khione the Ice Dragoness
2nd Adoptive Mother-Ur
Adoptive siblings:Gray,Lyon,and Ultear
Kids:Kyria and Jet Azure

Bio:Sapphira didn't know her real parents and then was adopted by Khione.Khione treated her like a daughter and taught her ice dragon slayer magic.Khione disappeared during a great blizzard that Sapph continuously wandered through in search of her beloved mother.This led Sapph to Ur and her students.Ur took her in afterwards and trained her with Lyon and Gray though due to her Ice Dragon Slayer magic she was far better then her new brothers.The ice make training helped Sapph gain more control over her ice dragon slayer magic and made her excel.When Ur became the ice shell Sapphira was distraught having lost her second mother she wandered yet again and found her way to Fairy Tail followed shortly after by Gray and Natsu.Sapphira was very happy to know at least one person at her new guild and she quickly grew a liking for Natsu and Erza.Natsu and Sapph not only became great friends but great rivals.They often had fights to see who was better despite Grays displeasure in having to share his newfound "rival" with his adoptive sister.Sapph ended up forming her own team when they were older that consisted of a fire Mage,a shadow Mage and herself.Her and the shadow Mage were quite close and began dating which led up to the birth of Sapphs first child Jet soon after Sapph was raped by someone who was suppose to be her friend while she was intoxicated and ended up with another child,her daughter Kyria.Feeling like she couldn't quite fit in with her family at Fairy Tail anymore with two kids she went and formed her own guild,Dragons Den.Before leaving Fairy Tail she participated in the S-Class Event on the island and won with her teammate the shadow mage who fathered her son Jet making them both S-Class.
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Whoever ends up joining would you be a doll and make Sapph's kids fathers?Pretty please?Kyria's dad is a light mage(preferable a light dragon slayer) and Jets is a shadow mage(preferably a shadow dragon slayer)
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