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A regular day. Just another six hours at school. Then? Poof. Everybody is gone. Teachers. Parents. Anybody over the age of fifteen. Phones, television, anything to get help. Just gone. The FAYZ. A perfect circle, twenty miles in diameter. Its center is the power plant. Its barrier is painful to the touch. And nobody can get out. Sam Temple, known as School Bus Sam, is confused. Astrid the Genius is afraid. Orc and the bullies reign supreme. And as they search for autistic Little Pete, their new world develops. Some find themselves in terrible situations. Lana finds herself dying in a terrible car crash, bones shattered. Others take advantage of the newfound freedom. Albert finds a way to open the McDonald's to feed the children. And yet others become leaders. Then a terrifying development occurs. Some - teens, children, animals - are discovering they have impossible mutations. Some can create deadly light, others fire. They can see the power levels of others, or move things with their mind. Animals mutate, finding themselves able to speak or fly. And others have nothing at all- no protection against the mutants. The battle is only just beginning.

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(Here it is guys!)

Pyro-Chapter 1
"Family, friends and fire"

"What did i do to deserve this? Why did they leave me?"

He cries in the middle of the street and holds his head in his hands. A tear runs down his face as he falls on his back.

"I never did anything wrong!"

Bursts out crying yet again, nobody knows he is even there. The moon shines on the street and he stares at it with tears in his eyes.
Matthew gets up and is shaking from the shock a little, then he looks around and walks to the nearest alley.
There he sits down and wipes the tears off his face. Suddenly, something moves at the garbage cans.
Matthew quickly gets up and starts slowly walking towards the trash cans. As he gets closer, a tail can be seen from behind them.
An old dog that appears to be a husky, steps out from behind the cans.

"Poor thing, you must have lost your family as i did..."

The old husky isn't showing any sort of aggresion, so Matthew sits down besides it. He puts his hand on it's head and carefully pets it.

"Don't worry, i'll be your friend."

The dog lays down besides Matthew and places it's head on his lap.

"I'll call you...Herra!"

He wipes another tear off his face and puts a little smile on it. Herra sighs as Matthew pets her and moves closer to him

"Atleast i'm not alone..."

Matthew says and looks at Herra. He slowly sighs and looks around the alley and spots a lighter on the ground, his arm reaches for the lighter and picks it up.
His finger slides down the little wheel, the lighter turns on with a small flame.

"Fire is beautiful."

Exclaiming that, he takes a look around one more time and gazes his eyes on a gasoline canister. Matthew slowly pushes Herras head of his lap and then gets up.
His eyes were still looking at the canister as he walks towards it. Another smile comes on his face as he grabs the canister.

"Herra, we found another friend..."

Herra raises her head when Matthew grabs the canister. He carries it back to Herra and sits down besides her.

"We won't be cold tonight."

He turns his head to the side and spots a broken table and some broken chairs next to him. His arm reaches for some broken pieces from the chairs and the table.
Matthew puts the wooden pieces in a pile and pours gas over them. The finger slides down the wheel and ignites the wood with it.
The wood burns and creates warmth around itself.

"There we go."

He sighs and pets Herra again. The eyelids become heavy and start closing, everything goes black. That night Matthew dreamed about his family, Herra and fire.

The sun comes from behind the hills and tickles Matthews nose, the morning is cold but warm at the same time.
His eyelids start opening and the eyes themselfes feel the warmth from the sun.

"Good morning, Herra."

Matthew turns to her and shakes her a little.

"Herra? Herra...?"

He gets no responce from her.

"Herra, wake up!"

Herra doesn't even twitch. Matthew looks at her closely and finds out, she isn't even breathing anymore. He sheds another tear.

"Herra...not you too!"

He starts crying and lays besides Herra. The tears run down his face, now he has only one thing that keeps him alive, fire.
Matthew reaches for the lighter in his pocket. His finger slides down the little wheel and turns it on once more.

"Atleast i still have you..."

Matthew puts a little smile on his face, even in his current state. He pulls his hood over the head and crosses his arms. His eyes gaze into the sun.

"So, this is how it ends..."

His family left him, his friend died, but the flame seeking revenge in his soul kept burning more then ever.

"Why are people like this? They don't know how it feels..."

His face changes from sad to angry. The mind of an innocent 14 year old boy leaves him. Revenge starts taking over, not on a single person, but no all humanity."

"I've had enough of everything!"

He gets up and starts walking out of the alley. On his way out, the eyes gaze in a gas mask, just laying there. Matthew walks to it and smiles with an evil grin"

"Hello, what are you doing, just laying here..."

Laughs a little and turns the mask around. Matthew slowly inserts his head into the mask and clips the belts together.
From that moment, he wasn't the innocent boy anymore. But someone obessesd with fire and revenge, this new person called himself, Pyro.

"You will all burn..."

That day, a nearby forest burnt down, some of the gas stations exploded and have been destroyed to ashes. Nobody knew who or what did it.
But Pyro knew who it was, the monster that did all these thing was none other, then himself.

Days past, the peaceful town turned to chaos, people started disappearing. Even the police tried to find out who or what was causing the chaos, but nothing.
People talked and made theories about what happened to the people tha disappeard. Some said Pyro burned them, some that he tortured them, but the truth was worst than that.
Pyro was still a human, so he had to eat something...something...someone...

"When i still had a family, I was afraid of fire. I was told it was only a destructive force that couldn't be controlled, but i know the truth.
When in right hands, it can be controlled. With such power, one can destroy anything!"

What Pyro didn't know, was that fire will be his friend and enemy at the same time. He will have to fight himself to control it.

"I'm not a monster for doing what i do, i'm just a simple guy that seek revenge. Stay out of my way!"

But then, the "Poof" happened. Everybody above the age of 15 disappeard. Where did they go? Nobody knows, but some people started mutating and getting strange powers.
Including Pyro. He was just having a normal day, burning and killing. Until people disappeard. Pyros skin smelled like gas and started consuming smoke and the gas aswell.

"What is happening to me?!"

He shouts and falls on his knees from the pain. His skin turned gray and his hair white. The pain stops and Pyro looks at his hands.

"Why am i so warm? I feel so powerful!"

Pyro clenches his hands into fists, suddenly the fists ignite in flames.

"It doesn't hurt me...I have the power to do anything!"

Pyro laughs like a maniac and everything around him becomes warmer and warmer.

All the tears shed in these days were forgoten. The maniac took over and Matthew was no more. The only thing that can change that, is other people.
The now called Pyro forgot about his family, friends, but not about fire.

(Open RP)

Ageuis was in his Warehouse, hitting a hot piece of metal out of boredom

Question! I'm I allowed to share my first chapter of the tale i'm writing about pyro here with you guys?

(Open RP)

Ageuis is sitting on top of the warehouse he calls home, he's widling away at a stick out of boredom, the sun had just started to set when.

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Yep...i'm actually doing this....
If you don't get it i will be writing the story of my character

(Open RP)

Ageuis was in a tall grass area, looking for a small animal to kill, he was crouched down with his dagger drawn, he was wearing his jacket around his waist.

Name: Ageuis Comera

Age: twelve

Birthday: 2004 December 12tn

Status: Normal

Bar: 1-2

Biography: Ageuis was in an old warehouse when the poof occurred, he had finished forging a dagger and had in his hand, heading home, he noticed that no one was home, not even his elder brother. He suspected something was very wrong and headed back to his Warehouse, which he now considers home. On that day while he was going to his Warehouse he was attacked by a mutant who he managed to kill with his dagger getting away with nothing but a large gash across his face, he then began a schedule when he reached the warehouse. In the morning when would hunt, in the afternoon he would cook and eat, in the evening he would sleep, he hasn't gone off schedule since.

Appearence: 5'8, thick dirty blond hair, pale skin, blue grey green eyes, a large scar that stretches across his face. Mostly where's a gray tee shirt,jeans, and a sweat jacket.

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shadow woke up in the middle of the night. She had been having weird nightmares for a while. She went outside of the cave and noticed it was raining
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