Does anybody know if the Legion Armor t-shirt and the Black Sepulchure action figure will ever come back to HeroMart?

Looking,forward to the Sepulchure Rise of Darkness thing this summer! But on the bad side, I am probably gonna be spending a shitton of money which is bad cause I have none 😥 This month's upgrade bonus doesn't look all that cool either. Fail. I just want Sepulchure's armor and the BLOD for ACs. Please make that happen in the future! I can't farm for 4 months to get that shit! Well 8 months actually. 😐

Really don't want to spend $40 on that damn collection chest coming this weekend. I really only care about the Dreadnought Paragon ugrade bonus. I wanna know what all's in the chest tho. I know Exalted Harbringer Class is and I do want that, but idk if it's any good or not. Same with Exalted Soul Cleaver/Soul Cleaver/Dark Harbringer. Which one is the best to get?

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whatr class is better (no picture sorry)

edit: need atleast 4-5 votes
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arch paladin

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is my stat good

guys im thirteen and i created my account redexit of legends when im 12 and i cant go to any chat servers help me no downloads or link just help my birthday was feb 27 2004 jot got a birthday when feb 27 2017

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when you realise some armors can turn you into girls lol 0_0

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found this random guy now hes a meme

HI my account name is Zulithe and since the worst thing happened to me which is being banned on aqw what do i do?

Hello, i am with AQW Levels, we offer a service that helps you get ahead in the game by doing the farming for you. If you are interested in this leave a comment.
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