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In this community whats your guy's elements?

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Wait!!! Who dead and made me the owner?!

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Name Shiranui Callia
nickname Mizu no yōsei ((it's my performing name it means water fairy))
Age 16
Gender Female
Personality I'm shy,happy and energetic but if you mess with my friends you get a Raging Dragon
Village I don't have one I travel with the circus
Family I was abandoned when I was like but the circus is my family expecially Zack
Rank unknown
Likes circus, freinds, dancing, singing, food and my companions Aldara, bubbles
Dislikes people who mess with my friends and food XD
Bio I was abandoned by a Waterfall and there was a circus passing through and rouge ninja named Zack he found me and raised me and trained me as we traveled
Extra I have a Dragon sealed in me
 Aldara is actually Zacks Raven but he like to watch me and bubbles

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Name Leto Vivian
Clan I'm half Inuzuka
Age 16
Family Unknown
Personality loyal to my friends and im shy very protective of my pack
Likes food,wolves, friends
Dislikes Enemy
fear losing my pack
Bio when I was little, The Wolves told me that my parents put me in the woods and left me for Dead but the wolves took me in and I grew up with them. I asked the elder wolf many times why my parents leave me for dead but all they told me was becayuse of my blood. Over the seasons we travel around the land until the leader died and the next leader knight kick me out of the pack but some of the wolves went with me and the hokage of the leaf village told me that I can join the village so me and the wolves live in a house near the Inuzuka clan but I stayed away from them scared they will hate me so I stayed by myself
I graduated early from all my class and I became a S-class
Rank S-class
Village the leaf village Now
biju 10 tailed wolf
Sage a new sage called wolf sage
Companions a pack of wolves
Extra i can manipulate my blood 
my hair is black instead 
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Name:kuzuki hozuki
Bijuu:3 tails
Jutsu:all water style jutsus,all lightning style jutsus
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You are 13 year old and you were helping a old lady look for her cat in the woods when you heard men yelling and you went to check it out but when you got there you saw me in bloody clothes and Dead ninjas all around me and I was crying my hands were covering my face
You then....
((This is me but I have cat ears and a tail and a scar over my left eye and my hair is longer))

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Anyone wanna rp

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