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Okay gonna put this here again

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And i think i am back to writing and stuff so... will really apreciate if you read it and comment
Was A Dream
Was A Dream

Let the silence talk to you today. It has millions of words to say.......
Just pretend as if you are not the part of this world and let your soul enjoy company of Real You.......

Let the Silence make some Noise today......

Look at the sky above. It has meaningful silence in it......
Look at the sea, the shores are trying to kiss the full moon......
Look at the stars, they are twinkling to remind us our beloved ones.......
Look at the wind, it is trying to touch your soul.
Look at the moment, it's damn perfect.
Love is in air.
Close your eyes and feel it

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Even though the sphere leads nowhere,
my determination Is To be somewhere for some someone.
You are a stench of romance yet I do the ingredient
And in that pot lies Africa's Best recipe
And in that "court" lies Africa's most lovely princess
To whom am in her custody.

My soul sojourns her love
Whence i fly high than a dove
The pillar of my strength,
Through hurricanes i move

The love birds that flap to an infinite destination
Embarked by the pride of a united lovers
Bold they are , and though they wade in fear of excellence
Deep within exist a factor extreme perseverance
The end, romeo and juliet obtain a crown of endurance
-stuff_dady odus
®Kelvin odiwour

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I am going to post it on a writing site and I wanted to know if it's worth it so I'd really appreciate your honest thoughts about it.

Starry dream:-

All my life I’ve been dreaming;
a merciless dream.

Falling away into the darkness,
wanting to see light again

living this nightmare;
wanting to wake up in a dream.

I’ve been living in a nightmare;
lying at the hell’s gate,
waiting for this sinful soul to be drag down to hell.

In this merciless nightmare;
I close my eyes, to wake up in a dream.

Opening my eyes under a starry sky;
gazing at the star,
I feel my heart alive again.

I want to keep sleeping;
stay in this dream forever,
to see the limitations of this starry dream.

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