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J.C. sits on the beach in her teal blue bikini with her pet leopard Pepper laying next to her looking out onto Lake Sapphire
 ((Open RP))
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Name- Jordan Cobra
Nickname J.C.
Godly parent- Thor
Personalityfunny, daredevil, bad girl, violent, strong, bold, flirty (sometimes), gangster type, kind, outgoing, tomboy, dangerous
Biography she doesn't like to talk about it
Likes- pranks, boys, basketball, hockey, fighting, boxing, singing, playing her guitar, skateboarding, Loki
Dislikes- silence, liars, snobs, peace, girly girls, her father
Appearancelook at pics, 5'7, thin
Hair-dirty blond
Skin-tan, arms covered in tattoos
Weapon-a cursed dagger and gun
Pet black leopard named pepper give to her by Loki
Powers-good with any weapon she picks up, battle strategies, lightning, storms
Romantic Interest(s)-none yet
((If it still needs editing just let me know))
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Name- Tessa
Age- 16
Immortal parent- Loki
Weapon- dagger
Powers- hallucination, deception, much like my father
Personality- Nice, Kind, Fun, Hot headed, smart, trickster, non serious type
Hair- Black
Eyes- Blue
Skin- fair
Bio- Asgard earth camp
Other- my ghosts make stuff hard. My strength makes it hard to kill me but it can be done easily if you know my Weaknesses.
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N A M E--- Lamia (meaning "vampire" in Latin, and "fiend" in Arabic) Vigdís (meaning "war goddess" in Norse) Lupin.
A G E--- 15 and a half years.
G E N D E R--- Female.
G O D L Y P A R E N T--- Loki, god of mischief and shapeshifters.
P E R S O N A L I T Y--- Get to know her first.
A P P E A R A N C E--- See picture.
H A I R--- Her hair is black, shaved on one side.
E Y E S--- Her eyes are multicolored, they change randomly.
S K I N--- Tanned.
C L O T H E S--- She wears mostly black.
H E I G H T--- 5'9".
L I K E S--- Mischief, chaos, battles, wolves, her father.
D I S L I K E S--- Peace, stupidity.
S T R E N G T H S--- You would be too scared if you knew what she could actually do.
W E A K N E S S E S--- Thou shalt not know her weaknesses.
W E A P O N (S)- A slightly different replica of her father's staff, and a curved dagger.
P O W E R S--- Shapeshifting, the ability to stir up trouble in her wake.
F A T A L F L A W--- Unknown.
B I O G R A P H Y--- She would rather not share.
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