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Name: Kuroko
Nickname: Kuro
Age: Infinite (although I look like I'm 5 years old)
Species: Human
Height: Extremely small but cute
Weight: Bubbly Weight
Abilities: Cute baby laugh, messing around, future basketball player
Realm: True Zone (a place of spiritual power)
Other: Eating yum yum food & Sleeping

So lame, I know.

Nice to meet you all (^~^)/

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My profile! Minus the name, age, and gender.

Ready? +CBH SecretMist or Foxy Backup Account
Update On America

Age, name, gender... You know that stuff. Just gonna update his relationships with the other characters.

America finds him a great leader for his new country. He hoped that the teen wouldn't turn out into Russia or something horrible. He took Nick to the last meeting June 20th and ended up really bad. America doesn't know why Nick hates him for what happened, but he did promise to himself that war will not happen between him and Nick

His stepdaughter has a heart for being a warrior, general, and girlfriend to Nick. America is happy that his second in command doesn't want to kill her new siblings after the Indian Removal Act was passed during Jackson's Era. Most of the time he is protective when one if the countries visits and she is with him. Her relationship with Nick makes him pleased and thinks that their love for each other will help Nick not turn on him.

The young teenager is Indiana's mentor to her new position as a State. Kind hearted and strong in sword fighting, the young fellow is in the military as Indiana's second in command. He knows that Michigan likes Nick's spirit as a leader. America doesn't even know that Michigan is married to Ohio.

America calls him "British Dude", "Iggy", and "Annoying Man". Their relationship is strong and he loves cares deeply for his older brother.

Now a ghost, Canada and America have a great relationship now as brothers. He visits Canada every week or so to discuss Nick's improvements and trade relations.

Doesn't want to show that he is afraid of the guy, who is scary and really creepy. He does wonder if Russia is a demon...

Very annoyed with his ship: Ameripan. He would love to hang the annoying dude.

One of his best friends. Visits time to time, stuff like that.

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Thank you for the invitation. (^~^)/

Sorry for joining so late though

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Name : Nina

Age : 15

Bio : Neko(but I hide my ears to look like human)

About : I love chocolates! And fish :3 I hate water !!!!! And I feel cold easily achoo
Don't u dare touch my ears !!!!

So I just make a profile that is random?

???? do you mean the fandom? in that case doctor who.
time lord
silver hair, grey eyes and pale skin, at leat for this regeneration.

Lady Time Lord Mary Grace Greenleaf Potter Smith Williams Jones
Related to: CeCe.
Other stuff: if u know me it is me
Gender: female
Species: timelord elf wizard
Realm: lost cities
Other: I am awesome. Dating iggy :)
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