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by: +Kris Kitchen 

New explorers: Here are some Items and tips you will need:
I wanted to put a list of items together that you will need based on my experiance.
1. A few or pocket of alcohol wipes. If you share your glass you will at some point want these.
2. external micro usb backup battery backup, these run from 10$ to $100+ pick your poisen
3. More micro usb cables and chargers I am using 3 (Office, home office, bedroom)
4. Lots of microfiber cloth. You will be smudged up all the time. always have a clean one handy
5. Small travel size dish soap, this is the best way to clean a very smudged glass shield removed from Glass, Do not clean the GLASS.  
6. If you program/sideload a usb hub with a micro usb to usb connector for hooking up keyboards (or blutooth works too)
7. Retractable Micro USB Charging/Transfer Cable. There is nothing worse that having to be teathered to a short cord
8. A backup pair of sunglasses. At some point you will forget your tinted shield so have a backup pair of sunglasses in you car.
And some things that want to know.
1. Going to public restrooms, put them on the top of your head, behind your head or take them off.
2. I found that people will be curious, ask to show them, if they turn it down then thats cool.
3. If you do not want to be noticed and have a black version, put the shade glass on. People will think your blind or wont notice.
4. In the car dont scroll thru menus. just use the tap and voice. This will save you an accident.
5. If you are going into an area where you might be sharing, turn off the  "on head detecton" in settings. It makes it difficult to make a quick share.
This should have you coverd. Not a ton of money if you find them on the web at the right price. Maybe 40$ to make our Glass expericance much easier. Anyone have anything else I forgot?
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