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So, things that I am aware of:

app force closes after being put to sleep by android. (Closing the app and opening it again a day or two later.)

Some sets may not be priced correctly. This is due to a naming discrepancy between my app and TCGplayer. Please let me know what sets are not priced right. (Nothing will break, just some sets' prices will just not show up, or will only halfway show up. so feel free to tell me what sets don't work.)

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Hey guys,
so it turns out that TCGPlayer has taken down their page that I got my prices from, so I need to figure out what I'm going to do.

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Thoughts? I'm feeling like this design is a bit too simple. But left / right side of the screen is -/+ respectively. Longpress is -5/+5. I haven't implemented the roll a dice feature yet, and I was thinking about putting a info button that shows the recent life changes.

Hey there. I've been fooling around with the app and I made these notes so far. It should be noted that some of these are opinions, and I may have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyway:

-set drop down menu would be more intuitive if it went from newest to oldest

-when looking up alpha cards, it says getting price forever, when I select the card it tells me the price isn't available. probably a data thing.(this was addressed in a previous post)

-after a long time being open it will crash when reopening (also this one)

-cross set searching would be really really helpful. By this I mean like, if I want to find phage the untouchable, but I can't remember what set it is in.

-sort by colour filter needs a multicolored option

-add legendary option to card type filter

-crashes, when selecting mana cost filter in saviors of kamigawa set

-price filter in alpha set crashes

-also happens in beta, perhaps due to the fact that it can't get prices for many of the cards?

I also really like that you can select a favorite card, it would be cool if that card was used in a background or something, I dunno. Anyway, Hope this helps!

so the latest update had code i didn't realize didn't work as intended, asI wad scrambling to get it out with origins. a fix is coming today.

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so, i'm curious, has anybody actually installed my app yet? 

I think you have to go here to opt-in and then you;ll be able to install it.

I'm a tester! I hope you pay your testers better than RCU, all they did was flog them for testing for us. I made them cookies...

so, here's the link. i can't see it for some reason, but google says it is published...

edit: here's the testing link.
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