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HELP!!!! I switched my PC from Windows 8.1 to the new Windows 10. Now ,my PC wont allow me to access my apps, start button doesn't work and Cortana is inoperable. Its too late to revert back. What do I do. Microsoft has been no help.

I have the Galaxy Note 4 and am thinking of upgrading to the S7 Edge. Anyone have any feedback? My note 4 is working just fine but am interested in that S7.

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Here is a Code to Convert Integers Into Words in C Programming Language using Switch Cases!

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Not sure how many use collections. I really got into them a few months ago when they pushed the new G+ update focusing on them. They came out with this new "Google+ Create" program 2 days ago to further promote collections. Pretty neat that they constantly add and improve a "ghost" filled social networking site.
Google+ Create
Google+ Create

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+tadpole p brought up ingress in our community hangout. This is also made by them and the kid in me is looking forward to this game.


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C Program To Encrypt and Decrypt Contents of a File!
You can create Password Encryption Systems with this!

Wondering if anyone has a nice video editing program (Windows) they could recommend or perhaps share a reg key with...... 😀

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Remix OS is completely free and can be run from a USB. It works off of Android but with a traditional desktop styles. Comes with the Playstore installed. Looks interesting and I will give it a try on January 12th when it's available for download. Thought +Paul Tobeck might be interested in this.
Remix OS
Remix OS

Why'd I have to stumble upon this myself?
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