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Item List:         (More to be added soon)
Fire Stone - 50 shells.
Thunder Stone - 50 shells.
Pixie Stone (to be sylveon) - 50 shells
Water Stone - 50 shells
Blizzard - 100 shells
Rest - 10 shells
Yawn - 50 shells
Dream eater - 250 shells

Hello? I joined this community for some reason.

If you're an active member of this community, comment!

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For those of you who have DEVIANTART!

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Name: Silvia
Moves (Can be fanmade. just explain what it does.): Moonblast, dazzling gleam, crunch, pursuit.
Level (Must be lower than 40 for now): 20
Pokemon (If it's a hybrid, say what it's a hybrid of!): Golden And silver zorua (Fairy/dark) (Fairy/flying in light mega form, Dark/Flying in dark mega form)
Bio (Optional): A zorua who lost her parents at the age of 4 and can mega evolve.
Nature(Optional): Sassy
What dere? (Optional): Yandere
Favorite Berry: Oran
Accessories (Optional): Gold Bow on right ear
Hates (Optional): Yveltal.
Likes (Optional): Rukario, eating.
Gender: Female
Shells: 0
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Name: Evalene
Moves (Can be fanmade. just explain what it does.): Spell Book [Can use ANY pokemon move]
Level (Must be lower than 40 for now): 30
Pokemon: Vulpix
Nature(Optional): Brave
Bio (Optional): A vulpix with an terrible past. She has barely any self esteem
Favorite Berry (List of all berries Pecha Berry
Accessories (Optional): Bag, Scarf, Hat
Hates (Optional): Flare  the charmander. Hex.
Likes (Optional): Zap the shinx
Gender: Female
Shells: 0

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Download this app and share your monsters with friends ;D

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Oc evolved.
Name: Peridot
Type: Grass, electric
Gender: Male or Genderless
Moves: Distablize (3 to 5 chance to paralyze), Attachments (moves are more active), Helicopter hand (when fleeing an battle), Gun hand (if enemy is bigger)
Shell: none yet
Favorite berry: None
When fainted: Losing attachments and poofing and comes back as Small Peridot.
Likes: To be bossy, call people clods, experimenting.
Dislikes: Stuff being destroyed, losing attachments, The Cluster, food.
Level: 15, 10 (From being Flippy)
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((Open roleplay))
somewhere in the mountains Flippy was at level 14 and he started to glow green

its late at night, u hear Raven howling on a peak of a mountain looking at the moon
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