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Three minutes from nearly 2 hours of music that has been amassed for the OST of Project R3D's upcoming sci-fi Metroidvania, R3D.

Created for no-combat zones.

You can learn more about R3D and/or request similar music for your own retro projects at - :)
Easy listening to get your feet tapping through Tuesday; this is an in-game track from Project R3D's upcoming sci-fi, Metroidvania styled platformer for AGA Amiga devices.

Called R3D, the game has amassed a total of 34 songs for its near 2-hour OST that has been contributed to by retro game music composer Simone Bernacchia​.

This track, being developed for combat-free transition areas within the game. To work with Simone yourselves or to learn more of R3D, visit -

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What do Outrun, an unusual 1985 Kronenbourg beer commercial and Elton John have in common?

They've inspired this 2-minute High Scores tune for Project R3D's upcoming Amiga racer, Small Cars Drag Race!

Don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking for old-school electronic, ambient and/or chip-rock - :)
Believe it or not for 'High Scores', composer Simone Bernacchia went back to 1986 arcade classic Outrun, an Italian Kronenbourg beer commercial from 1985 and Elton John for inspiration.

The result is this near 2-minute tune that features on the soundtrack of Project R3D's upcoming Amiga racing game, Small Cars Drag Race.

Retro gaming enthusiast? You'll enjoy the rest of Simone's portfolio of work -

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Rock n' roll and American drag racing influenced in-game music for Project R3D's upcoming Small Cars Drag Race, composed by Higher Eclectic Ground music composer Simone Bernacchia.

If you need similar or completely original chip-rock, electronic and ambient tunes for your retro projects, please don't hesitate to reach out - :)
Retro musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die goes for rock n' roll and American drag racing flavour for his third Small Cars Drag Race Composition.

In-development by Project R3D, the game pits European hatchbacks in drag races against each other with JMD working on its original soundtrack.

Need chip-rock, electronic and ambient music for your retro game? J.M.D is available! Get in touch -

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Project R3D's Small Cars Drag Racing should resume development for Amiga consoles soon! :)

Featuring music by Higher Eclectic Ground's JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die. -
Pitting small European economy cars in drag races against each other, Small Cards Drag Race is an upcoming Amiga homebrew game in development by Project R3D.

The game placed fourth within 2016's RetroKomp GameDev Competition and features music by Higher Eclectic Ground's retro game music composer Simone Bernacchia.

Here's one such in-game track for your listening pleasure. Looking for similar compositions for your games? Comment below or reach out to us here -

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The last of several Top Gun-inspired in-game compositions for Project R3D's Amiga shooter, Bridge Strike, and some game-play footage to go with. :)

Demo download and game's progress details can be found on the English Amiga Board -

Musician JMD's details meanwhile lie at -
Here comes the last of Simone Bernacchia, alias JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die's built-in compositions for Project R3D's Amiga shooter Bridge Strike.

Just as its predecessors, the track stands heavily inspired by the likes of Top Gun and other classics of the 1980s.


Simone of course is open to creating original retro audio for new/upcoming games. To reach out, comment below or mail us at team[at]highereg[dot]com.

Portfolio, professional details and work history may be found at -
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We interview Rob Cranley of Amiga Future magazine and Rob develops hardware and software for Amiga and runs workshops at the Amiga Ireland events. We put our 21 questions to Rob. Home page Magazine articles…

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An in-game track playing over a tech-demo of upcoming Amiga homebrew platformer, Climby Skies.

Art is all placeholder and music's done by Higher Eclectic Ground musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die.

Let us know what you think of either or both!
In-game music created for Climby Skies; an upcoming homebrew platformer in development for unexpanded Amiga consoles.

Composed by Simone Bernacchia alias JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die, the track borrows inspiration from the work of LukHash, while playing over a tech-demo of the game with placeholder art.

JMD is also looking for new retro game projects to create old-school chip-rock, electronic & ambient music for. View his portfolio at -

Looking to collaborate? Reach out with job requests by leaving us a comment below or at team[at]highereg[dot]com.

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Did you enjoy Timberman? There's now port of the game created for Amiga OCS/ECS called Lumberjack Reloaded!

And this here is its title theme; a free folk interpretation of Monty Python's Lumberjack Song composed by Higher Eclectic Ground​'s freelance musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die​

Tell us what you think! :D

Lumberjack Reloaded download -
Interpreting Monty Python's classic Lumberjack Song, our retro musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die renders the title theme for Amiga OCS/ECS game Lumberjack Reloaded.

A Timberman port by COBE, Project R3D and Lemming880, the game has players cut down a tree as fast as they can while avoiding the branches above.

JMD is actively looking to contribute retro chip-rock, electronic and ambient music to your games. Learn more at -

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Were you a fan of the 1982 Atari shooter, River Raid?

Project R3D are currently working on an Amiga homebrew homage to it called Bridge Strike. Here's an in-game track from Higher Eclectic musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die​ for your listening pleasure. :)

More info. -
An in-game tune for Project R3D's Amiga homebrew game, Bridge Strike, that pays homage to Atari's 1982 side-scroller River Raid.

Composed by freelance retro musician/sound designer JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die, the track draws inspiration from the likes of Top Gun, as does the rest of his original score for the game.

Listen to more at -

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Any fans of '96 turn-based game Heroes of Might And Magic II here?

Higher Eclectic freelance musician, JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die, has just finished his remake of the game's Snowy Plains theme for an Amiga port!

How do you think it stacks up to the original? :)

Info -
Since 2014, retro musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die has been working on an Amiga port of classic turn-based strategy game Heroes of Might and Magic II.

With only a YouTube playlist for inspiration, his task has been that of remaking each of the original score's 20 tracks in .MOD format from scratch.

As he chronicles his progress on our Forums then, here's a look at the completed remake of the game's Snowy Plains theme. More on its creative process & his journey so far, here -
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