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I made Lolbit a owner she is the Co-owner

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Thanks for the invite +Marionette The Puppet‚Äč
Here is my Rp Profile:
Quote: "I Have The Swagger!"
Name: Female Golden Freddy
Nicknames: Swag Girl, Goldie
Age: ?
Gender: Female
Crush: Golden Freddy [ animatronic / Bear version]
Likes: Having Swagger, Music, Being Funny, Puns, Pizza
Dislikes: Purple Girl, When Golden Freddy Is In A Bad Mood
Theme Song: Bio/BackStory:
When Goldie was a little kid her name was Rose, when she was 11 years old se went to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, She was sadly killed by Purple Guy and was stuffed into this suit.

Thank you invite puppet
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