So you want to be scared do you? Well, I suppose their is nothing wrong with that. Just keep in mind, its not always a story. They could be anything. A trick of the mind, an irrational feeling, reality. Regardless, fear can be good. It can also be a ploy. A ruse. A trick. Something to throw you off your guard. If your afraid of something that you're not even sure exists, be careful. It just might be real. It may exist and the danger may be quite real. It just might be somewhere else. Somewhere closer, ready to destroy you. Ready to pounce, rip you apart. Just remember, when you go to bed, and you get that feeling like someone is in your closet or watching from in the hallway, it may be best to investigate. I'm sure the thing in your bed beside you wont mind.

                            Death By Myths

CHAPTER 1 It all started off with a clear summer day, the wind was blowing and the trees all had their leaves. I would say it was in the middle of fall. Well it all went downhill from there. My family and I had just gotten back from a movie. I decided I was going to go on a walk for a bit. As I walked out the door I saw someone up in the corner of the street and it looked like he was watching us. I looked away and looked back again and he had disappeared. I stood there a minute thinking how is that possible, but then I thought, nah its my eyes messing with me. So I kept walking. As I walked I started to have the feeling that someone was watching me again. So I looked around in front of me and no one was there, I looked behind and no one was there either. When I turned around again, there he was. I immediately stopped and I stood there watching him and he didn’t move. He all of a sudden disappeared. I stood there in the middle of the dark, dim light thinking, how could he have done that. Next thing I know he pops up right in front of me. I turn around and run, all I know is that I have to get away. I kept running till I felt like I could fall over and die. Next thing I know I couldn’t breathe and everything fades black. CHAPTER 2 I was walking home from school in october, I was chilled to the bone, I forgot to take a jacket. My house was in the woods, and the creepy pasta's myth never scared me. It was a stupid hoax that made people more scared of me. I walked on the path, I looked at a nearby hill, I saw a shadow, I gulped and walked faster. ( got into sight of my house, I went to go run faster and then I tripped, spraining my ankle. I cringed and limped inside.It had turned to night time, I was in my bed laying down. I heard voices, and saw shadows out my window. The whispers said, “Go to sleep.” I shook and screamed as I felt a cutting sensation on my neck, “Jeff! No!” I shot awake, “Whew it was just a dream.” Just then, the sensation became real, I opened my eyes to see Jeff standing over me, shoving his knife deep into my lower stomach, his menacing voice rang over, “Dont worry, you hated yourself anyways.”'

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Anyone here? Because I got a story and I was wondering if you guys would read it and tell me how it is
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