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Hello! If you're intrestded please join my community Hogwarts Life. I am the owner and the other owner is Irene Gonzalez. It has a sorting hat aspect that her community also has called Hogwarts RP


Roleplay(RP) Name: Bellatrix Rookwood
House: Hufflepuff
Look: Is a metamorphgus but popular apearance is cherry red left eye shiny green right eye, bright purple to pink ombre hair. Loves tight and dark clothes.
Gender: Female
Personality:You'll see
Backstory: I was born to French veela Mince plus tard de bonne and metamorphgus dad Mors Tristis. When my dad was killed by Lucius Malfoy which happened to be my dad's cousin, when I was 6 my mom gave me to her sister Fausse bonté until I was 10. I moved to Britain with my new mom because she wanted me to enroll at hogwarts. My real famiyl followed and adapted me back from my fake mom. I have 4 sisters. I go to hogwarts
Extra: Is a metamorphgus and half veela. Hate purebloodist


Talk rules:
No cussing
No bulling
Dont say how bad this place is,just leave then

No bad words
Must be harry potter related

Roleplay forms and Roleplay
Please put
on roleplay forms.
no plus ones
no comments

This is the rubric:

Roleplay(RP) Name:
Personality:(You'll see are allowed)
Extra: (Supporter of Voldemort? Are you in DA? Death Eater?)


Roleplay(RP) Name: Skylar Robbinson
House: Ravenclaw
Look: Long pitch black hair with silver eyes
Gender: Girl
Personality:You'll see
Backstory: She was the daughter of 3 brothers. Two of which were killed in a battle the voldy-fart. Her parents were Loyd Malfoy, and Pepsi Robbinson. Her one surviving brother is named Thomas,(Tom) and is a young first year
Extra: Is blind, can only see silloeuttes, she is also a animus- YOU KNOW WAT LETS JUST SAY SHAPSHIFTER. She
Can tRun into a falcon.She is also a pureblood but is GASP ashamed of it.
patrionus wolf
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