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.NET Core: opportunities and prospects

Today .NET Core is a modular, lightweight, cross-platform solution that allows enjoying all the benefits of classic.NET among other things. In this article, we propose you to look at the opportunities of the updated platform and its prospects.

New .NET. In essence.NET Core

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5 Inspiring People In Tech
#part1 #5InspiringPeopleInTech

1. Elon Musk
This guy is always dreaming up and then coming up with the most incredible solutions -- from reusable rockets and solar roof tiles to self-driving technology and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. It's like he never stops creating or thinking.

2. Steve Jobs
He made technology not look like technology but more like a way of life. The best business-to-business solutions today are the ones that claim ease of use and intuitiveness despite the complex technology they are based on.

3. Steve Wozniak
Here was the man who pioneered the personal computer and who would go on to develop and improve upon a number of key technologies, including those relating to floppy disk controllers and graphic display systems -- all in an effort to keep the design simple and the costs low. Steve is a true problem solver and continues to be an inspiration.

4. Nikola Tesla
Tesla made me painfully aware of the difference between the inventor and the innovator. His technological prowess and insight remain unprecedented. His mistakes were never in his mathematical calculations but in his social miscalculations. He reminds me to look past the technological threshold and into the quality and character of those who surround me in the short and the long term.

5. Isaac Newton
He stood at the cross section of many fields (a key to innovation), integrating knowledge when it was available and deriving entirely new approaches, such as calculus and optics, when needed. He was creative, practical, multidisciplinary and undeterred by obstacles.

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The Golden age of UX development: the experience of Facebook, AKQA, Unit9 and other companies ✔️

We will focus on Facebook, AKQA, DesignStudio, Telegraph, Ustwo, Foolproof, SkyScanner, Barclays, CXPartners, Unit9, Fjord, and Badoo. They have projects in touch of millions of people and every day all of this people enjoy the flexibility and simplistic of their products, So, how they do such a great and convenient apps and software.

At first let’s talk about all together, then about a few in particular. Despite that fact that Studios work in the different areas, they have lots of the in common in the approaches and the work itself. Let's start with the simple.

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3 #Lessons About #Mental #Toughness You Can Learn From #Yoda
Yoda, #Jedi Master and a hand puppet, once said, “Do or do not -- there is no try.”

1. Decide what you WON’T think
There’s an ancient proverb (not from Yoda) that states, “As you think, so you are.” Many self-help gurus spin that into the power of positive thinking and proactive optimism.
That’s all good, but it’s equally important -- and usually easier -- to identify negative thought patterns you’ve had in the past and then choose not to engage in those again.
For instance, if you’re prone to thinking the worst outcome will occur, choose to take a wait-and-see approach instead. If you think you’re the only one who can save a project and that thinking causes you undue stress, decide to delegate to others. If you think a team member is trying to sabotage you, have a conversation to clear the air.
You dictate your thought life, so be mindful about avoiding negative thoughts that undermine your mental toughness.

2. Build mental momentum
Mental toughness can wane when you’re stuck in a rut. The best way to break that inertial immobility is to achieve a small win for yourself and then build on it.
It can be anything. Commit to call a new client, pay a bill, meet a colleague for lunch, clear out your email inbox -- just do something.
Write down what you decide to do, then check it off once it's accomplished and repeat the process to build momentum.
This is a doable way to build a series of concrete successes that can advance you through adversity when everything seems to be falling apart. Intentionally making success a habit can empower you to focus beyond the current situation, build confidence in your ability and develop mental toughness.
Never underestimate the power of mental momentum!

3. Channel your role model
Lastly, pick someone that you believe embodies mental toughness -- it could be an inspiring relative or neighbor who survived cancer, resurgent tennis star Serena Williams, maverick Tesla CEO Elon Musk or former POW-turned-senator John McCain.
Then, learn about your respective role model so you understand the thinking, anchoring beliefs, motivations and perceptions that make them who they are. Strive to gain as much insight into their psyche as you can and then mimic it within your own life every chance you get. Understanding how others successfully navigated through adversity can equip you with similar skills -- and that’s not Bantha fodder (that's a Star Wars joke, for the uninitiated).
We ask our kids what they want to be when they grow up all the time, and many of them go on to become what they dreamed about. Why can’t adults do the same thing and aspire toward someone with demonstrable mental toughness?
While you’ll probably never need the mental toughness required to destroy a planet-sized space station, these three actionable steps can help you overcome the everyday challenges you’re facing on this planet.
And that’s not a Jedi mind trick.

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5 Inspiring People In Tech
1. Melitta Bentz
She invented the first drip coffee maker! It's one small invention that has empowered untold creativity by thousands of technical geniuses and continues to do so every day. Reminder: It's not always the flashiest technology that has the most impact!
2. Marc Andreessen
Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape and now a venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz. He’s an amazing technologist who was instrumental in bringing the power of the internet to the masses through the world’s first viable web browser, and he's got a brilliant business mind to boot.
3. Jeff Bezos
Bezos has a pragmatic approach to technological innovation and the follow-through to make products real. You'd be hard-pressed to name more than a handful of failed products launched at Amazon despite the fact that many of them span various sectors. Amazon is a leader in e-commerce, cloud computing, and video content delivery, and now it is taking on retail with Amazon Go. It's exciting to watch.
4. Bret Victor
The level of thought around the human-computer interface that Bret Victor brings to the table is impressive. It's inspiring to see how rethinking the interface to our tools can be multiplicative on the effectiveness of our technology. Improving understanding is paramount as computing power and storage increase.
5. Satoshi Nakamoto
In recent years, it's Satoshi Nakamoto. Creating a decentralized ledger for monetary transactions reignited research and development across cryptography-based technologies. He put major financial institutions on notice, and today, they're innovating in his space. In a decade, finance may be quite different. Many startups centered on decentralization and cryptography have emerged, and I'm excited to see the results.
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How to study the #web development by yourself - 5 steps how to learn the web #development
Advice for #developer

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5 IT #trends through 2017 and how to prepare
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#Agile #software #development #methodology is not a mainstream - agile works!
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