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If you are ready to show the world your talent
We are here to present you to your audience.
First of all, We are a California based artist management start up. We are representing artists from 50+ countries and we have over 5000 creations.

“Are you constantly wondering how you can make money from your art designs or poetry creations? Showflipper aims at creating multiple income streams for showtainers. Therefore, artists would not need to rely simply on selling their art online. A showtainers can learn, grow, and most importantly, earn money by conducting open live sessions called shows. A Showtainer is free to decide how far he would like to go in entertaining his audience. This can be a simple live discussion on latest trends in art. Perhaps, a live transmission of work in progress or a vlog-type of show where an artist can talk about what has inspired him to write that piece of poem, what it stands for, and who it is intended for.”

Benefits of joining ShowFlipper:

1) Upload Art work online( Up to 100 images)
2) Referral Bonus(USD 5 per Referral)
3) Get Paid on Viewership( TRP Model)
4) Trend on first page for Engaging Audience
5) 24 Hours support( Email)
6) Sell Art Online(10% Lowest Commission)
7) Tutorials worth of USD 150( E-Books, PDF, Videos)
8) Contest( you Can earn up to USD 500 Per month)
9) Mentorship Program

We believe in creating parallel revenue streams for artists. You can sell your creations, earn on each view your profile page gets, participate in contests and offer your services to fetch new projects.

If you are an original creator of content, we are your channel to reach your audience. You can pitch, present and sell your work via this platform dedicated solely to you.
Stop worrying about sales, and focus on building lasting relationships with fans.
Subscribe to our services for a modest fee of 25 USD/year.

Click Here to visit our website.

Please let me know if you have any further query. Looking forward to your prompt response.

Paresh Padia
HOD - Sales and Marketing
[E]: paresh@showflipper.com

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I started this community as a forum for beginning photographers and bloggers to share experiences unique to those of us just starting out. My website http://www.weathereyefocus.com is a jumping off point for my thoughts and images but I invite you to post your images and thoughts here.
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