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I lay on the grass and yawn. My dragons Aria lais behind me; serving as my pillow. Her jet black scales shimmer in the sunlight. "Ah, what a vacation. I wonder what's been going on without me. What do you think?" Arua grunts and layels her head back down. 
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Finished the line art. Thoughts? 

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As I walk down the streets of this quit little town, I can hear the birds chirping, I lean on a wall as I wait for a new job or mission to show up

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Hi, nice to meet you shakes hand
Name: Skylar Relming
Nick Name: Sky
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Joyful (sometimes dark)
Appearance: (Pic Below)
Current Weapons/Armor: (Pics Below)
Bio: As a kid my parents died and I was forced into a orphanage, I escaped when I was 8 and joined an elite team of monster hunters. But was there for 3 years before they were all killed by a group of blood assassins. I wander around towns, cities, and everywhere basically, looking for jobs for money. I am a great companion and I am very skillful, agile, and graceful with and without a weapon. I am loyal and will never leave a teammate to die.

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I walk into a city in my Anthromorphic form and look around I wonder........

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Looking for more active players, the lore has many things that need to be added, this world has no limits!

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Name: "I am the death that is hidden in the fears of humans I am the reaper."
Age: "I am in mearly the age of 24 not that old and I will never ever age."
Likes: "I like to play with your fears and turn them into the horrific images." gets smacked on the head
Senpai: dont lie tell your actual likes you dummy _*
Likes: "okay okay I like candy and apples."
Senpai: real age and name to. >.>
Name: "my real name is kazaki kiroshima v.v"
Age: "my actual age is 14"
my senpai leaves
Hates: "my hates is the world and the world it's self"
my senpai comes back to hit me with baseball bat senpai: "STOP LYING!!!!"
hates: "that hurt but I have nothing to hate."
Personality: "its nice loving and caring"
Bio: "I am living with my senpai ever since my parents died and my senpai took me I when she found out that I was an orphan so yeah"
Senpai: "take off that stupid cosplay and come eat." she smacks me on my head "oww T^T." takes off cosplay and goes and eat (I had no pic of how I look with out cosplay so sorry and my character is a myth demon)

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Name: "My name's Tsumetai Chi. Pleasure to meet you."

Age: "I'm currently 19 years old."

Gender: "I'm a male if that wasn't obvious.."

Species: "I'm a vampire, so hey."

Sexual preference: "I'm bisexual, I don't mind either gender."

Spouse: "Haven't got one."

Weapons: "Fangs. And dual guns.."

Magic/Abilities: ""My abilities? Let's see.. High jumping, fast agility, great eyesight at night, which does make my eyes sensitive to light... Good hearing, a sensitive nose... That's about it."

Place of birth: "I was born in the North-Western region."

Residence: "I currently live in an abandoned mansion, no one's using it so why not?"

Alignment: "I'm mainly neutral so chill, but... I can be hostile. Depends on my mood.."

Social pos: "I'm mainly just a warrior for hire."

Faction/Guild: "Haven't got one. I prefer to be alone."

Quotes: 'Shall we play a little game?' 'Honestly now, be nice...'

Theme Song: Little Game, BENNY.

Combative: Bury Me Alive, Breaking Benjamin.

Casual: (This describes him simply with no lyrics.. XD) Hello, OMFG.

Gems(Currency): "I only have 45 for now.."

Biography: "Tch, why would I tell you my backstory? I don't intend to tell you either. So don't ask! Sigh Fine... I was once a normal human like every other non pure-blooded vampire. A pure-blood decided to attack my city; I wasn't the only guy that was spared and changed, quite a few others were also allowed to live. My family were killed during that, I lost my sister, aunt, father and brother. Currently I can manage my thirst, but if you really want, I won't decline offered blood. Anyway... Yeah, that's all I'll say."

Inventory: Dual Guns, Bottled Blood.

Preferred outfit?: "I prefer to wear black or grey jackets with long collars, black or grey striped shirts, you get the jist, I also like my leather outfits. Long boots as well."

Height: "I'm 6'5", I know, tall."

Weight: "My weight? 160lbs."

Likes: "I like blood, cold weather and night-time."

Dislikes: "I dislike things like hot weather, summer, day-time and such."

Personality: "I can call myself a bit playful, teasing and cheeky, but slightly flirty as well if I like you a lot."
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Name: Elric Flamebearer

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Orientation: Straight

Spouse: None

Weapons: Staff

Magic/Abilities: Has access to a huge arsenal of magic spells generated via his hand and staff

Place of birth: City of Magika

Residence: Terrafia Village

Alignment: Good

Social pos: Young Wizard

Faction/Guild: None yet

Gems: 20

Biography: Asgard was born to King Yggdrasil of the Kingdom of Wizards. He has spent most of his childhood being the apprentice of a wizard, until finally becoming a full fledged wizard himself. He's wise-cracking, can tell a few jokes, and can always help anyone in need. Asgard is always looking for adventure.

Inventory: IDK

Appearance: (Photo courtesy of +Chris Del)
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