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Are we still doing this or no?

Hey +Michael Peck, could you make me a moderator for this page?

+Noah Rotter are we still working on that Game design outline for your game?

lets get those spreadsheets working so i can get back to deving

To get started on this project. Comment below which position you want to apply for. I will put up the ones already set up (for the game we are doing) If the position is open, you can have it. If more than one person wants it, we can either have a vote or put two ppl in there.

Lead Designer (Environmental/Character)
Lead Programmer
Lead Animator
Build Master (I'll take that one)
Scrum Master (Scrum Team)
Biz Lead
Product Owner (Noah unless Noah wants to co-this project)

We still need a team name and a team logo once we figure out the name.

Is this still happening?

All right Guys! Demo day is done, and we can all move on from our last projects. In order to facilitate this new project, we need to establish a Hierarchy with each other's skillsets. I will offer up myself as the Build Master and Lead Programmer, as I have for Dragoon Games again. Anyone willing to vote/nominate themselves for Scrum Master, Lead Designer, and Lead Artist/Animator. If no one wants to be any, I won't force it upon you, and we can always hire from outside the group. If you wish to invite someone to the group, run it by the Board of Directors (essentially the CEO's), which will consist of +Taylor Passow, +jose flores  and myself.
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