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What is the ‪#garum ‬? is one of the basic ingredients in the cuisine of #roman‬   ‪#antiquity‬. It is a fish sauce that was used to salt dishes. 
If you want to cook an authentic Roman dish you'll need this sauce, especially when you are using recipes from De Re Coquinaria.

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Feeding the Empire :Stories of power between ‪#‎Rome‬ and ‪#‎Pompeii‬ - 
5 July. 29 November
In the ‪#‎AraPacis‬ Museum in Rome, find out how they fed Italians at the time of the Roman Empire. On display archaeological finds in Rome and Pompeii and multimedia installations; reconstructs the dining room of the Rome of the years of Christ. Through the site of the Museum of Ara Pacis keeps you updated on the shows.

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Vatican Food Tour
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