I ASSURE YOU!!! We're still alive :D

Thanks for the invite guys

Hai, is a demon considered a monster?

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You arrived home after a hard day at work. The house was dark and quiet suggesting your pregnant elf wife had gone to bed. It was always like this after you got back from work. You got your pajama pants and got changed, meeting her in bed, her growing belly showing from under the sheets gently. She shifted as she felt you get into bed.

"Mng...welcome home..."

She yawned tiredly, cuddling into you.

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Hey guys! Start sharing around this hashtag to show our support for people recovering after the London Bridge Accident!


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name.leon maroo
, abilities if any,super strength boshido (a cusrtom ability) rage(another custome ability)
likes,girls weapons games
bio: never had friends growing up. the ones he did have were murdered right infrount of him. same with his family. he grew up alone on the streets constantly abused untill he learned to defend himself
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yo thanks for the invite. do we have to make a cherecter?

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You were just a poor woman in your village. You did the normal things like milking the cows, caring for the kids in the village, raising livestock, picking oats and grains, and all other simple village things. The only thing you weren't aware of a secret war your country was in. The King's Royal guard would visit seperate villages to either the king or one of his generals had chosen due to their athleticism and strength. Even the king, however, was unaware of your village. One day one of the King's messengers was found dead in one of the village's streams. He had a letter to the king marked with a red stamp of wax with the royal seal on it keeping it closed. This caused a great stir in the village. Everyone knew the letter had to be delivered but the only question was, who was brave enough to deliver it with a possible deadly killer in the vicinity. Just before you could volunteer somebody else already did, a man of about 23. He took the letter and nothing was seen of him again but three days later three dozen of the King's men came into the village with a carriage big enough to fit twenty and a dozen horses pulling it. They informed the men of your village of the urgency and the King's orders and filled the carriage full of all the village's men and disappeared through the woods. Two days latera dozen of the King's men arrived in even more urgency and loaded all the women into the carriage. You arrived at a knight training camp where they speed you through the brief, and desperate, version of the regular program within two days. Then you were sped off to the battlefield but it was too late. Some of the men on the field were fleeing in fear of whatever was causing that abnormal storm. Then all went black. You wake up on the ground with your carriage ten feet away burning. Then you see me land next to it and you...

//Girls only//
//3+ lines if possible//
//Could be rape or slutty//
//Password: how many days were you at knight training camp?//

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"D-Do as he says Mikel! Don't let him hurt me!"

Your wife called out. You were stuck on a decision, but your wife was carrying your child. What would you do?

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Name: Michael
Age: 19 (or he has told us)

Bio:He is a human/dog hybrid that was made in a lab but escaped but unfortunately he does not remember those days he only remembers until the point of his first week surviving alone, he can barely playful and sometimes careless which makes him easily a target... but somehow he isn't, he can easily be shot, blown up or vaporized but he isn't, we're not exactly sure on what's protecting him but it's doing hell of a good job.

Likes: he mainly prefers the casual dog things and bones but he will sometimes tinker with objects, machines and others minds (he might have got it from the experiments) but occasionally he might find somebody he takes interest in as a friend or more but unfortunately a enemy (on a side note his favorite food is chicken pot pie)

Dislikes: he mainly dislikes predators, knowing they can eat him and at other times he can be VERY distasteful of war machines and weapons but he can sleep on a still train oddly enough

Family: .........none, he has no family because of him being made in a lab

Mother: N/A
father: N/A
Sister: N/A
Brother: N/A

Note: he can't get angry and whoever finds him please return him to building 7 in chernobyl immediately

DATE: 4-25-1986
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