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Oh my god my voice! If only you could hear my voice right now!

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I saw this and immediately thought of here!

Little notification for you guys!

I will be drawing, by hand, a picture of everyone that I know, if you want to be in the picture just send me a picture, in the comments, of your character and say which costume you would like (If you want a costume)
Also if you would like someone else in the drawing, just do the same, have a picture of their character, in the comments, and say which costume they will have (If you want to have them in a costume)


Hi! Just a few quick notes for you:

1: No being horrible to others.
2: Respect everyone.
3: You can do roleplay.
4: If you want, you can choose any character you wish to be, even if you just want to stay as yourself.
5: Have fun.

Now a few things that I need to say:

This is a undertale roleplay so if you choose to be a character, act like that character, if you want to post something, please do. I will be happy to have more posts, the more the merrier!

Thank you for reading! (P.S. You can progress the roleplay to anything as long as it is appropriate)
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