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Hi everyone!!! I don't have a lot of LPS and i want to buy some on eBay !!! But I don't know who s' fake you know ? So can you comment to me Some eBay lps saler who don't buy fake lps ? Please :3

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hey I'm new to lpstube I just started like 3 days ago please check out my channel and subscribe

here is the link ->

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I need some name suggestons since my sisters joining my channel. Please give me some.
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New video !! Please go check it out :D

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please join :)

Hi there fellow LPSTubers

So I have a little list of questions and answering these questions would really help me out so I am working on this project that has to do with the importance of reading.
So I am doing this experiment for the project it would really help me out if you could just fill in this form:

First name:
Do you like reading?:
Why do you or donโ€™t you like reading?:

And thatโ€™s all it latterly takes two minutes of your time and then you can just go on it would really help me out.
Just leave the filled in form in the comments

Thanks in advance,


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Salut! Hello! Need an LPS community thats designed to help you?
You're in good luck! Here are a list of the benefits:
*Community Events that will get you and your channel featured on YouTube!
*+1s and free follows when you join.
*Encouraged post interaction and activity.
*Monthly Member Shoutouts, active members are frequently mentioned in +AmiJemโ€™s follower tags.
*Encouraged friendly advice and encouragement to help you improve your content.
*Clean content.
*Friendly staff who care about the community as a whole.

This community has helped me very much! I'm on a mission to help other people find it so they can get help too! If you need an active, lively place where people +1 and post everyday! This is it! ^w^
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