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Good News! Heart Disease Is Preventable

90% of american adults have more than one symptom of #heart disease at some point of their lives.

No wonder why heart disease is the #1 killer, killing approximately one person every minute. The good news is: Heart problems are preventable and treatable as well.
But first, let’s become aware of the symptoms of heart diseases:

Shortness Of Breath
Chest Discomfort
Pressure in the Chest
Irregular heart beats (palpitations)
Extreme weakness
Intense anxiety or dizziness
Fullness, nausea, indigestion
The above, though not all, are the most common symptoms of heart disorders.

And what follows now are 7 tiniest steps you can take to push heart disease a li’l more further.

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Parks Medicolegal Consulting

Power To End Stroke  - 
Hands-free ultrasound device with clot-busting drug safe for stroke patients
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Power To End Stroke  - 
Hey all! Just a little reminder that today is World Stroke Day! 
We want to help you understand the risk factors of stroke and how you can act FAST when you see the symptoms:

Here's an infographic from The +American Heart Association to help!
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Paul Price

Power To End Stroke  - 
Hypertension and Diabetes considerably increases your chance of stroke. A little known organic compound is reversing both of these conditions and will also make a healthy person even healthier and lower chances of many debilitating diseases.
This stuff allows your body to heal and protect itself from the inside out as it was designed to do!
Click link then scroll down to FULVIA and start the healing NOW! This is Not Something You Want to Put Off!
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Power To End Stroke  - 
Everyday Frist Aid: Stroke - may save a life
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American Heart Association

Power To End Stroke  - 
Do you have a most powerful voice? Join us for the 2013 Most Powerful Voices Competition. Enter today!
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