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Name: novus
Age: 12
Gender: male
Appearance: picture below
Abilities: controls ice
Strengths: is strengthened on cold days
Weaknesses: is weakened on warm days
Job: sells weapons
Class: Student
Back story: unknown. He keeps it a secret.

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Ferka smirked a cold smirk as he leaned back against the wall, sliding his hands into his pockets as he looked at the passing people. Another Town, another day. It was so humorous to watch these people going about their daily boring lives, so different than he was used to. he was scoping everything out for their performance later, it would definitely be a show to remember for this town that seemed to dull.

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Ferka... You can also call me King of the Gypsies
Charani but call me Rani for short

I'm 24, a Scorpio
19 and a Gemini, what's your sign?

It's rather obvious... but male
Female, don't believe me come and see


~Sexual Orientation~
Straight, nothing against guys who aren't though.
Me? I'm Straight as well.. well most of the time.. unless there's a special case


Well I'm the King of the Gypsies, but as for as income goes we preform at villages we stop at for money.
He plays instruments and I dance... of course if they don't volunteer enough we find other way... just what we need to survive though.
Our caravan is a family, What is out is everyone's and vice versa

Well we do have some magic in our blood, not sure how much our parents never told us.
I have some clairvoyant abilities, seeing the future, finding things, tarot cards... stuff like that! I also carry a dagger on me, a girl can't be to careful!
And I have some control over fire. It's easier for me to manipulate it but I can create it too, it just takes more work. I carry several daggers on me... just in case

I love to have a good time complete with women and alcohol. I like my sister and I do like wealth. I'm not greedy but who doesn't like being able to buy things?
I like being free and music whether i'm dancing or playing instruments. I've always loved the ides of flying, night sky for some reason

I can't stand nobles... or anyone people who hurts my family, did I say nobles?
I can't stand being confined. While I don't mind going into towns for shoes I have cities and stone buildings. I also don't wear shoes if I can help it

I don't hesitate to do what I have to do, I get along with people easy unless they have a thing about people who don't deposit money in a bank and i'm rather intelligent I'm not the gypsy king just because my dad was you know, we don't work like that.
I'm pretty smart too you know, I can read peoples movements and guess what they're thinking. Also, i'm head strong and determined, i'll so whatever i set my mind too, even if it drives my brother crazy.

I guess I can be weak to a beautiful women and I may be over protective of my little sister but at least no I know she's not going to be hurt or taken advantage of that way.
Well.. I'm distracted by pretty things and sometimes I lose sight of what's best because i'm having too much fun.

To an outsider i'm cocky, confident and nonchalant. I know what I wants, how to get it and am now afraid to go after something. I like to have a good time with women and know to ho get what I want from them or anyone else. However I am loyal to my people, especially my sister who I love to spoil. I always has the interest of her and my people in heart. I also hate nobles.
I'm a wild and free spirit. I so love to play and tease so you better watch out because I almost always have something up my sleeve, sometimes literally. I am smarter than I act and is observant to people and their natures. I can't stand being confined or controlled. Ferka is protective of me and though I do often use that to my advantage don't make a mistake in thinking I don't care for him too. I cares for her people and friends and I do not take kindly to people hurting them.

Our Mother ran away with the gypsies becaseu she was being confined by her parents. She was killed just a year or two after I was born I was too young to remember it but...
I saw the whole thing. I don't think anyone knew I was watching at the time but I saw it. A noble killed our mother, he figured she was a gypsy and no one would miss her. Sometimes we have to steal to survive, she got caught and so he had her killed. I'll never forgive nobles. Never-
-Our dad was the leader of our caravan too until he died, he was a player, but i'm still sure he loved our mother. We travel all across the island, preforming in festivals or just for fun. Every day is exciting and an adventure!
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A female stepped into the market street, her bare feet padding along the hard ground beneath then as she slid her hands behind her back. She had never been to this village before but she stood up in her brightly colored clothes the jingled with each step. She smiled a bit, eyes traveling over the streets. She had no doubt they would be preforming sometime in the near future so it never hurt to scope out the people themselves before hand. She stopped as a clothing booth, running her fingers over some brightly colored material as she looked at it.

I kinda wanna make a gypsy... but does that even work on a floating island?

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Name:  Numani Kari
Age:  15
Gender:  Female
Sexual Orientation:  Straight
Height:  5'10"
Appearance Neko girl, orange hair and eyes
Abilities:  Fire magic, swords, innocent on the outside and strong on the inside, can change from house cat to tiger when she is mad
Weaknesses:  water, wolves or any type of dog, low temperatures
Job:  None
Class:  Student
Back Story:  Numani was raised by tigers in the middle of Asia.  Her brother Takio always violently picked on her and hurt her bad sometimes.  When she was 9 her parents abandoned her and she wandered and struggled to survive for about a year and a half until she found a place to stay and find food.  She lives there to this day. 

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Name: Sylai Shia
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Rival: N/A
Class: Student
S.O.: Straight
Species: Wizard/Young God (unknown)
Height: 7'4"
Abilities: Controlling the elements, creating weapons out of magic, able to master all kinds of weapons, healing
Strengths: Always calm, speedy, fast reflexes
Weaknesses: Loud noises, can get embarrassed easily..
Sylai was born as a young God, he never really knew what powers he held as a young God but he had elemental powers. He usually always remains calm.

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Who thinks i'm a good character?
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Yes!! Totally!
No, go away!

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Name: Amber Rose
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 4' 11''
Appearance: Brown hair, often in a ponytail or just let down, brown eyes, pale skin, always wears a cat bell around her neck
Abilities: Requip Magic
Strengths: Kind, Caring, Daring, Adventurous, Strong, Smart, Perky, Outgoing
Weaknesses: Shy, Devious, Mischivous, Melancholic, Depressive
Class: Teacher
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