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On Friday, than 20 Octopuses 'walking out of the sea and up the beach’ on the Welsh coast, many were helped back into the water, but some were found dead on Saturday morning.
I think the picture is of a female octopus, they eat nothing while tending to their young, the clean each sack containing the baby octopuses, and filter a constant stream of water over them, this might explain why the incident occurred.

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One of my first voxel tests made in Qubicle for a next video game project.

#indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #voxelart #octopus #videogames #voxel #qubicleο»Ώ
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Wassup mah peeps! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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My friend did some supercool research showing that cephalopods can detect colour despite being colourblind thanks to their pupils!

I used to have this phobia of marine cephalopods as a child, but I now find octopi and squids to be the most fascinating and elusive creatures in the ocean.

That "dancing squid" dish is disgusting, though.

Love it.
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