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The world slows as she meditates things she lets go of I can only speculate could it be so tired of pleasing everyone else she slowly started losing her importance in herself as she clears her mind of the pain and despair wondering is God the only one who cares her health alone would make u quit bills all at their limit this amazing women keeps all in side now mediating she dosent have to hide she lets out screams of joy I WIN!!! Satan u will not remove this grin my soul has been rejuvenated and my spirit is so elated as I await for her return I try to imagine this new butterfly more determined focused all in line stronger faith highlights her new design

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How do u claim to be a good man when u can't practice what u preach

Who in the hell told u what u had to offer is what women seek

Doing everything trying to please everyone
But to the one who loves u use and then shun

If your father wasn't a role model that u could imitate
When were u going to break that mold to change your sons fate

Before its to late back up so you can see the picture clearer
Sad thing it took me to read this in the mirror

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How will I be remembered when I'm gone
Will i be surrounded by family or be all alone
When u hear what will be the first thought in your head
That how a guy so full of life end up dead
Did we date and you remember a passionate memory
Or a dear friend that cared and believed in me
Did I do enough to deserve your tears
Shared so many stories through the years
Maybe I never apologized to u after a fight
Ive tried to make amends before the this night
Just know I what u saw in me was as real as it gets
And my love and my spirit I leave no regrets
Just don't say what u wish u had said
U could have done it before I was dead
I know u thought u had time before my demise
But God said today to my surprise

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If I ask u to hold me in your arms would u say what's wrong
If I said please just hold me would u ask me how long
Does any of that matter when it's u instead of me
I'm asking to be loved not some dam pity
I want your comfort and love that u promised
Not telling me what I need instead go to the pharmacist
Dealing through my depression wanted love and not a drug
Funny how when the tables turn couldn't even get a hug
Stronger now thanks to God and constant prayer
No longer need u as a crutch going in this NewYear 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎉


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Being faithful is knowing what u want
Not lead astray by what the others flaunt
It is loving the soul beyond the person's flesh
Looks won't help if your spirits do not mesh
See its what u focus on to keep u on the path
Grass not always greener now u do the math
Finding the love that your heart truly desires
My favorite portrait that you have inspired


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Like an hourglass with no sand my time ran out
No need to ask for more or scream or shout
The truth wouldn't let you lie beside me
Me being honest well not completely
See u saw I wasn't ready for what u could bring
Now your gone like a balloon with no string
Number changed and no note left
I have no-one to blame but myself


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Just saying...I don't eat punaani...I lick,suck and kiss it...that's why God gave it if I'm using the wrong choice of words...please don't tongue lash me...that's for the punaani...

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This goes beyond the surface..... #REASONING
Animated Photo

Defamation of character is an offence...yes or no?

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Why?? Why?? Why?? Every time something like this are involved...
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