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Hi testers!

The 6.6.0_beta_1 is rolling out on the Play Store.

We're happy to announce a completely redesigned profile.

Contributing to Musixmatch now is much more fun.
You can earn points, badges and grow inside the Musixmatch community.

What's new:
- New redesigned profile with leveling and badges
- Artist leaderboards to show your position among the top contributors of your favorite artists
- New badges to unlock while contributing
- Dashboards to find lyrics to add, sync, translate or review
- Lots of bugs fixed, improvements across the app

Have fun!

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The playlist created displays the wrong number of songs present. And it is not limited to just one playlist others are also showing the same problem.

20 bugs in 1 how i can fix it?

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Bug: User settings are ignored and get turned back to default on upgrade (likely with most recent release). So, not only did the push notifications change back on, per my other post, so did the options to accept headset commands, which happened last night. My car started playing Musixmatch (not that I ever use it to play music, I only use floatinglyrics) as soon as I started the car. Now this is partly a problem with the car, it autoplays many of my music apps (it's quite annoying), but when it first happened about a month ago, I found the setting in Musixmatch and disabled headset commands. Last night it autoplayed, and sure enough, the "listen to headset commands" was back on. I'm guessing that this is also related to people losing their playlists, but I don't know, as I don't have them. But basically, you need to save people's settings before you upgrade them. Now, if it helps for this or any other bug, I don't typically allow permission to my storage, as I don't use the music player. The only permission I need to allow is my notifications, so I do. For all I know you try to store my existing preferences in storage, before upgrade, and then they disappear because you can't. Obviously there are other options, like contacting your server and not doing the upgrade until my settings are saved remotely and then reaching back to the server after upgrade. I don't know, just giving you all the info that might be relevant. 

Musixmatch could add an option to export the Playlist if you need to reinstall the app. Not to lose it

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Ok I don't know if anyone has the same 'problem' but I think it would be very cool if I could fix/pin floatinglyrics position in screen... It's just that aesthetically this bothers me a lot cause somethimes i drag it out from center without wanting to... It's just a suggestion :)

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That is morphology error? Cannot add a lyrics

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just installed app, became a premium member, started app and it does not, will not see my music on my sd card. I have found no way to get it to see the music. is this a new feature? remove sd card support? just curious.
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