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Hi testers!

The 6.6.0_beta_1 is rolling out on the Play Store.

We're happy to announce a completely redesigned profile.

Contributing to Musixmatch now is much more fun.
You can earn points, badges and grow inside the Musixmatch community.

What's new:
- New redesigned profile with leveling and badges
- Artist leaderboards to show your position among the top contributors of your favorite artists
- New badges to unlock while contributing
- Dashboards to find lyrics to add, sync, translate or review
- Lots of bugs fixed, improvements across the app

Have fun!

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What About Private lyrics?

With them you could create, sync, and translate lyrics by yourself, it can be posible, don't you think? ;)

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Have android Oreo and when i tap to see the lyrics on full screen i can't tap again to go back and the back button don't work neither, fix it please

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Wtf is this??? Don't put such senile messages and put a freaking edit button for heaven's sake! This is literally the oldest bug in Musixmatch, now don't tell me there's missing info, I put in every possible bit of information, not once, 10 times. This is ridiculous

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Why all the songs of GReeeeN are unavailable to show?

Lately I've been syncing lots of songs, something is wrong with the synchronization system.

Whenever I sync, it's only fair that it should be as perfect as in sync, and I have a good sense of rhythm for that.

Now here's the issue, sync is like a recording session, you gotta be as perfect as possible, (well not exactly, you can always perfect it later on.. but you get the point)

So I like the fact, that Musixmatch will give me the replay option, of that specific line, and if it's not exactly in timing, I'll redo it until I get it right. I'm completely fine with that.

On a side note I'm a huge fan of the edit option while syncing, thanks a billion for that one!

The problem is though, that once I've spent 8-12 minutes on it, I'm heading back to review the work I just did, and I'm getting a completely different picture... The lyrics are pretty much messy, not in sync - totally off, and I am a perfectionist, I clearly know these songs before I sync them, and wherever I felt it came in off, I redo it. Which makes me blame the system, please fix it!! It's freaking annoying when you spent so much time, on an app you love, and watching your work being mishandled.


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I really wonder if devs have stopped listening to our requests or what?
Coming from a premium user for 2 years and I don't like the app anymore.
I'm actively looking for alternatives unless devs decide to hear out cries
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