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Everyone still blame Jews.

If this is the case why did they stop debating whether baptism in a temple of eternal mirror constituted a religious attack?

When a concrete aggutation shows so much water rise, why put a central reconstinuent at the the uppermreaches of an aquifer?

Flint had a striker.

Didn't The Little Colorado

Whom studied that two year coma promise?

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Where is that cartoon of the lollipop toating little youngster??
If a theft of candy from a child is so forwarned as to find intraspection, why not bother to speak up?


God Dam God

Everyone read "The Shack"(quiel'Neil), best seller.....

You will learn God is a black woman and Jesus is a full(erbrush) blonde.

Then maybe Marcus Bee Gar Cuss (cofefe) will pay his back child support.......

Talk about lip service....
See Brandy Cre(u)(w)e without lipstick?

What is believing?



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This is the exstrean vetting platfirm, is it not?

Free speek mpMach-ine
Tell mallaria Mellania to shut the front doir!
If she is a bigggiggerer to hire, then herself must be a ssSPACEFLIERS SPACES!!!!!!!

Who got off on funning hospice? (TacomaRealEstateGeberalCommissioner)

If you didn't buy a ticket, how is thevared Hawk going to crashbOshkosh gene therapy?

Get with It....times short!
Another quote rings a wrung world....

What does...burning in e.g. a gee mean?
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