I’m off work till monday Jan 2nd and i was thinking it would be fun to run a Metamorphosis Alpha inspired game of Starships and Spacemen using Apes Victorious, Mutant Future, Labyrinth Lord, and possibly the Basic Psionics Handbook as supplements on Roll20. Characters would be revived crewmen trying to wrap their heads around what the ship has become in their absence. Players could be Human, Human 2.0 (RIgelians from S&S), Mutants, Replicants, or Apes. Also there is a newborn in the house so you’d have to accept the occasional pause and the lack of video….

It's been a while, folks.  What's new down in Norte Carolina?  Thoughts on 5E?  I've been running it a bit and I'm liking it so far.  Of course I've never been as extreme of a "back to the 70's" as some, so the fact that it's rules can't be written on the back of Dave Arneson's hand isn't necessarily a deal-breaker for me.

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May hit the D&D 5th edition session during the night portion of this event, in case any loco locals care to join in - http://www.meetup.com/Raleigh-Tabletop-Roleplayers/messages/boards/thread/48144292 It is actually a sci fi fantasy offering. I'm curious how the GM will handle a mixed setting with the rules as-is. Looking forward to the DMG to see what suggestions they offer there for mixed genre settings. Anyhow, see you if I see ya.

http://kofl-games.org for you loco locals. It's an upcoming fantasy gaming event (mixed gaming types) in Cary to benefit the Autism Society Of NC. I do NOT know yet if I will attend. I am running a game with James and his son next Saturday, so, my kitchen passes may already be spent up by this event.

+James Jeffers - Once I get the starter set in hand, we'll schedule a weekend afternoon 5e session at my house with our sons in tow. If anyone else wishes to attend, let me know. I should have room for two more bodies. My son will be playing, and James and his son as well. I'll be GM'ing it very "to the book" rules-wise, and will be differing to the younger players for guidance as "callers" throughout. I'd like for it to be an opportunity for the kids to take charge and we help them come up with solutions to the issues other than only hack n' slash. Kind of a logic check per scene with them.

Paging Mr. +Stan Rydzewski , paging Mr. +Stan Rydzewski !

Okay, well I'm wondering if anyone is interested in some Anomalous Subsurface Environment flavored Labyrinth Lord?  I've run a couple of roll20 games with my brother in Anomalous World but he hasn't actually gotten to the ASE yet.  Anyone who's interested let me know what evenings you maybe could make it.  Sunday...is right out.  We're probably talking 7-10 PM eastern time.  

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Well I just completed a move back to California. I was having trouble getting everything to transfer back there so California is a better place to finish off school once and for all. It was great gaming with you guys (the one time I made it). I do plan to do some more gaming on G+ so if any of you are up for that keep an eye on me. 

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A quick post about some religions I'm kicking around for my next game. 
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