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Little update of two new map sets on our page on

Everyone needs a merchant, and you don't always find yourself near a town when you want to buy a potion, or offload that collection of looted swords you have. Well, worry no more - this set of 8 maps features travelling merchant stalls in a variety of locations - in forests, near dungeons, in deserts - even on a raft at sea!

We've also put together a fun little map where a mine tunnel has inadvertently broken into an ancient dungeon/temple - what mysteries lie within?
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New blog post of my 5E campaign journal. This was a Halloween-inspired session run last October. Lots more pics of papercraft and paper minis.
(This session was run in October of 2017.  In terms of campaign time, this session took place the next day after the kobold ambush in Session 16: On the Road to Valerius.  A description of the campaign world, and a list of the player characters can be…

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Cryo-chamber Print & Paste terrain build.
A Print & Paste build of a Cryo-chamber I designed for my gaming table.

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Geomorphs - Basic Cave

Basic Cave is a geomorphic set, comprising 14 10x10 square battlemaps and 7 5x10 rectangular end-piece battlemaps which can be arranged in multiple layouts. The tiles depict a winding subterranean cavern system, with twisting routes, pools, fungus, crystals, height changes and obstacles. The set can be arranged in millions of combinations, providing almost unlimited exploration and use!

Gridded and gridless versions
Tiles spread across A4 pages 300dpi for home printing
300dpi full jpegs
72dpi 140px VTT ready jpegs

Plus, our amazing Patrons get an exclusive tile
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New post of my 5E campaign journal is up on my blog, Thulaen Lands. This adventure found the PCs serving as guards for a wedding caravan. The days journey proved to be quite eventful. Lots more pics at the link.
(This session was run in September of 2017.  In terms of campaign time, the start of the adventurers’ trip to Valerius began the day after Session 15: The Necropolis of Cyr.  A description of the campaign world and list of characters can be found at The…

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Aerineya: Sky Temple Ruins

The Realm of Aerineya was not always so lofty. Elevated to such heights following a great cataclysm, the place is seldom visited, except by those that are able, and willing, to risk such dangers. The ruins of the Sky Temple are an important site, and may even hold the clue to the tragedy that befell Aerineya.

Contents: A 30 x 30 map depicting the overgrown ruins of a Sky Temple, on a cluster of floating islands high in the sky. A distant land and clouds provide a dangerous backdrop to these islands, which still have the crumbling ruins of a once grand temple. Perfect for visiting if you have an airship, or can fly. Otherwise, not so perfect..
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Putting the final touches on the terrain for tomorrow's game at Phoenix Comic Fest. If you're in town come join me!
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Another bonus video...
Repurposing some of the textures from my last pdf to make a few other bits & pieces...

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Free Map Monday!
Free Map Monday!

Sci-fi month continues with a Futuristic/Sci-fi cargo bay battlemap.

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New blog post of my 5E campaign journal, an urban cemetery/tomb/ossuary adventure. Features Inked Adventures tiles and lots of paper minis.
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