I just updated the Unified Android Toolkit to the latest release yesterday, and now I find that it will no longer root a Nexus 5. The process completes with no apparent errors, but the device still ends up unrooted.

The previous release of the Toolkit worked fine. I'm running the latest nightly build of LineageOS. I have been using the Toolkit successfully for years with CyanogenMod and a number of other third-party ROMs, and now LineageOS though.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Update: I used the previous stable release of SuperSU, not the recommended beta version. Worked fine after that.

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Hey Mark, long time I haven't been using your tool but now that I decided to flash new ROMS and all, im back with it. I believe I have found somewhat of an issue with Nexus 7 V2 Wifi. It was already unlocked but for some reason the toolkit always sees it as locked. So when trying to flash recovery using the automatic options, it fails. I even relocked and unlock again with same results. So for the time being I flashed TWRP (i used their latest version found on the website 3.1) using your tool. Still said "device locked" but was able to flash it manually using the toolkit.
If you need more details let me know. Thanks again I was still able to use other options to workaround.

Donated this morning and never received a code

Hallo ich habe schon 2mal gespendet und bekomme keinen Activierungscode.Was mus ich machen um einen zubekommen

Hey Mark, will there be an update for Nexus 5 (hammerhead) to the M4B30Z Android built at the Toolkit?

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Having issues updating modules for Shamu. Purchased ultimate. Can't get it to show support for nougat 91z(I think)... Did get root achieved and BusyBox installed and twrp using the any Android build approach. Trying to install cm14.1 unofficial but threw error... Is it because I didn't wipe before I went to sideload?

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Trying to install twrp recovery on my Galaxy S6..Can't get past flashing recovery in Odin.. If I click the reboot box, I get the non seandroid recovery error msg, if I unchecked the reboot box, skipsoft never resumes after installing twrp.

I haven't been able to do the three finger reboot during Odin as advised by the Skipsoft instructions.

I'm hoping to install a custom Rom

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Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹

I installed the toolkit, and the Google driver, on my Windows 7 Notebook. I selected number five for my Nexus 5x , but nothing happens. ๐Ÿ˜จ

USB debugging is on.

I want Flash the stock Firmware for the Nexus 5x.

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