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Lizzie GhouL

Blonde Binge


Binge Eater


Is Nice is shy emotional 

Works at Anteiku Highschool Drop out

Likes:Eatring Human,Blood,Fighting,Coffee
Dislikes: The CCG
Middle Class

Mother: Touka
Father: Kaneki Ken
Skills: Exstermily Skilled in combat is also SUper Fast


IS like Touka's wings and Kaneki's Kagune but all red Just a Mixutre of both
(Picture Down below)
||KAKUJA (if you have one)||

Ward 13

||BIO||SHe was born full ghoul but she is a binge eater she eats alot she is really fast and skilled in combat and useing her Kagune real well. She is a highschool drop out because of her being a binge eater and she has a Crush on Uta (Who wouldnt). She may seem rude at firsr but she is really nice when yu meet her. Her parents are Touka and Kaneki.
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I've killed ghouls a lot stronger than you, what makes you think you can take me down? Are you even worth killing?

Name: Hiraku Kokishin
Nickname: The Young Professional
Age: 22
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Personality: Curious, bored, and kind of cold. He rarely gets excited in combat as he easily defeats about any ghoul that he faces
Hates Ghouls?: He's more neutral on the subject than anything
Likes: A good fight, which he rarely gets. He also enjoys exploration
Dislikes: Being bored
CCG Rank: Special Class. Though he is technically too young, he earned this rank for his tremendous feats at ghoul hunting
Family: He has always been an orphan, not having any trace leading to who his parents were
Skills: Hiraku is highly adept at all aspects of combat, both mental and physical
Flaws: His curiosity may get the better of him sometimes, but his skills easily outweigh this flaw
Quinque: Three different dual sided spear that can separate into two parts. He carries all of them with him, but only uses one at a time, sometimes switch in mid-combat
Bio: When Hiraku was little, he lived in an orphanage, and commonly had to fend for himself. One night, he had been out and about when he spotted two ghouls fighting. This sparked his curiosity towards them, and in turn became the reason he joined the CCG. He has since surpassed 95% of all ghouls in Tokyo, gaining commendation after commendation for his acts in the field
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Kanaye Kenji

Kanaye,K for friends
CCG calls him Archangel


One Eyed,Half Kakuja Ghoul


Kanaye can be said to be evil,although he is not,he is somewhat insane and sadistic though due to his past and his incomplete Kakuja,he likes inflicting minor wounds such as scratched or bruises to the people close to him,as for his enemies,he doesnt leave many parts of them after he is done with them,He cares about the people under him and for the people he is close to,he loves causing mayhem but has a deep sense of honor,justice and morality about some things,he never gives up when he has a goal, something he wants or someone he wants

Student at Kamii University

He loves music,strong people (especially girls),his teammates and subordinates,causing havoc,human flesh,humans in general and not just as food

He hates being told what to do,everyone that messes with his people,ignorant people,CCG extremists,boring and not interesting individuals

SS+ (not quite SSS yet)

All "deceased"

Incredible handling of his Kagune and Kakuja,Highly agile and fast,great at hand to hand combat,intelligent and cunning,good with words,he also has a very strategic mind,hotheaded,enters an unfocused and brutal bloodlust state if pushed too far


Rinkaku,4 blue tendrils

||KAKUJA (if you have one)||
Centipede styled,2 hardened and massive Rinkaku tendrils that come along with his normal kagune,a mask is formed over his face


Kanaye grew up abandoned after his parents were no where to be found,he was just a 5 year old one-eyed ghoul in the huge mayhem that was the city of Tokyo,he managed to survive however by being really brutal and eating all who stood against him,in his early teen years he managed to attract quite a following as he now has his own little pack of ghouls,they act as a group of wild wolves,a devestating force that destroys everything in its path,sometimes though they act as vigilantes if justice or revenge must be issued upon others,they mainly go agaisnt feral and even more brutal ghoul teams but occationaly clash with the CCG,mainly the extremists who work there such as the extremely sadistic Investigator Kijima and his lackeys
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Kanaye Kenji
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Roleplay with +Kaneki Ken

Ayano was carrying her large grey quinque whilst checking her watch.

"10:34pm. Damn it. He should have been here, an hour ago. 'Guess I should wait. Ugh. I'm so hungry."

She heard some footsteps coming her way and she raised an eyebrow.

"Look who finally decided to show up, eh? Tch."

She unfastened her quinque case and lifted out a large sword made of combined bikakus.

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"I love you more then anything... you are the reason I'm here today, no matter where you are, or what you are doing.. i will always love you.. my love for you shall never fade... since the day we met i never thought this day would ever come... I'm glad i met you Takuma-san.. and I'm glad you chose me to be your wife... I want to grow old with you.. and when our day of death comes... i shall love you beyond it... beyond death and back... i am yours and you are mine... I love you Takuma-san... May our days of marriage never go to waist.."

-Jiku's wedding vows at Takuma and Jiku's wedding

//NAME// Jiku-Chan

//NICKNAME// The white dragon

//AGE// 41

//RACE// Japanese/ English

//GENDER// Female

//PERSONALITY// Soft and kind hearted, Beverly family oriented. Will do anything to keep her family safe. Suffers with PTSD so has a little paranoia every now and then.

//OCCUPATION// Works at her and her husband's family cafe they opened up when they were younger.

//LIKES// Her family, her friends, almost everything good that has happened to her.

//DISLIKES// Things that remind her of her past, and seeing her friends and family getting hurt.

//RANK// Middle/ Upper class {in between}

//FAMILY// Her husband Takuma-san (+Derek Byrd ), her first daughter Ayme-chan, and their younger son HItomi-san.

//SKILLS// Doesn't have much skills other than agile and swift fighting along with a death blowing kick that can stumble even the strongest of beings. so you don't want be in the way of her range when she files off one of those death blowing kicks.

//RC LEVEL// 8000

//KAGUNES// Jiku is a kajuka with three kagunes. Her first one is a stunning Bikaku that is red with florescent purple spots that give it a pretty glow. Her second is her beautiful Ukaku wings that allow her to propel around things a lot quicker. and her last one is the armor in her kajuka form, which is a bone dragon like mask that has extremely sharp teeth that can rip things to shreds.

//WARD// 1-10

//BIO// Jiku grew up in a lovely home not knowing she was a ghoul. she lived a normal life with her wonderful parents. She was such a happy little girl, she went to school, got good grades, and had alot of friends. One day the CCG came into her home attacking her parents, they told Jiku to go hide aned wait for them there. One hour went by, then two, and possibly three, and there was no answer, but then... "J-Jiku Chan... our beautiful daughter.. come here.." she was happy to hear her mothers voice when she came out she saw her father ont he ground not moving at all and ehr mother close to death. she started crying but then her mother shooshed her. saying that everything will be alright. tears ran down the mothers face as well when she said "you... need to grow up... be stronger... and live.. for me.. and your father..." she stroked her daughters cheek "you much eat us... and become stronger..." then her body fell and she died. jiku sat there for the longest time trying to process the death of her parents. then.. she smelt it... what was that amazing smell? it was... blood ... her eyes shot open and they where as red of the msot crimson blood. it took her a while to devour the both of them and when she finished she snapped out of her binge eating faze and looked at the remains of ehr family. she sat there on her knees and cried. after a while she was captured by the CCG and took in to get expirmented on for two  whole years she was tortured, beaten and strength trained, she couldn't take it. after a while she manage to escape. she went off on her own. when she was 18 she met a man by the name of Masato (+Masato Kuroda 黒龍 ) she befriended him and they became godo friends, thats when he med Takuma-san, Masato was getting ready to leave with this man and ended up dissapearing for a great deal of time. thats when Takuma and Jiku started interacting with eachother. and one thing after another they where dating. years past in there relationship and Jiku became pregnant with ayme-chan. sadly the takuma didn't get to see the birth of his first child because he "died" and jiku thought he really did. turns out he was just brain washed. when he came too they opened a cafe and thats what they have been at since.

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((Didn't add as much as I thought I would))

Cant you see I'm hungry? Get out of the way or be my next meal

Name: Hitomi
Nickname: The Ghost
Age: 15
Race: Ghoul, likely Kakuja, but that has not been confirmed
Gender: Male
Personality: When around people other than family and friends, he is uncaring and dangerous. Around his family and friends, he is kind and looks out for them
Occupation: Student, but constantly ditches school
Likes: His friends and family and binge eating
Dislikes: Being restricted, cocky people, waiting to eat, and unnecessary drama
Society: Middle Class
Ghoul: At least SSS+ or above
Family: Takuma (Father, Alive)
Jiku (Mother, Alive) +Annabelle Von Rogers 
Ayame (Sister, Alive)
Skills: His natural instincts to hunt, fight and kill are heightened vastly and his regeneration is even greater than his father's. All of his attributes such as speed and strength are well above some of the strongest ghouls. All of this is likely due to the perfect combination of genetics from his parents
RC Level: Unknown. Any RC scanning devices within a 20 ft radius of Hitomi completely malfunction from overload
Kagune: He has only revealed a single black Rinkaku tendril that can alter shape, but he absolutely possesses more Kagune
Ward: 3rd Ward
Bio: Hitomi is the second child of Takuma and Jiku. At the age of two and a half, it was revealed that he was both a binge eater and a cannibal ghoul, having a vicious appetite even at that age. His binging habits have only gotten stronger and he commonly leaves home or school to go hunt, bringing along his father's old faceless black mask, which is still broken and shows the right eye. After a hunt, the only remains of his victims are the blood stains and certain parts of the body, as he eats the rest of the corpse, even bones. But his favorite part, taking after his mother, is the heart. 

Themes: ((It's a whole playlist))
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"True despair is when you see the one thing you swore to cherish and protect disappear right before your eyes.... And all you can do is watch."

Name: Masato Kuroda

Nickname: No longer responds to nicknames given to him, though is still known mostly as Scales, with the occasional Black Iron Fist in CCG chatter.

Age: 23. Through a certain process his body created, it has been known that Masato seems to no longer age at normal speed, his aging, he predicts, will end at 26 and begin at a much later part of his much longer life.

Race: One-Eyed/Kakuja Ghoul.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Masato appears to be quite tall compared to other people, standing at around 6'4". He also has dark brown hair that almost covers his eyes and dark brown eyes that seem almost black in certain lighting. When he loses control over himself or when he sometimes releases his Kagune for battle, his right eye turns black and red and seems to glow a bright red color that adds to the intimidation factor. He also appears to change his hair color depending on how he reacts to situations.

Personality: Masato's personality is no longer existent. He has changed it so many times at will that he cannot be called one thing or another.

Occupation: College Student

Likes: Meeting new people, people who don't want Ghouls dead for no apparent reason, people who listen to reason, the people who already accept him, his friends.

Dislikes: His split mind figure, Ghouls that murder for fun, Unreasonable Investigators, the world.

Rank: None.

Father: Soh Kuroda: Deceased
Mother: Yaeko Kuroda: Deceased
Brother: Konno Kuroda: Deceased

Skills: Masato seems to excel at hand-to-hand combat or any kind of close quarters engagement, beating his testers in a quick amount of time with his bare hands, while they were armed with weapons. He also exhibits extreme physical prowess, being able to wield the massive Quinque he has with little to no trouble. His use of his Kagune also being more than expert level.


Rinkaku: Masato's first Kagune appears as six black tendrils that seem to pulse a dark red from time to time, the whole look of them appearing to be large scales stacked on top of one another with a longer and sharper one at the tip, multiple spike with the capability to extend out being inside of them and protruding slightly along the entire length of the tendrils along the sides. Occasionally he can control their form and switch them between their muscle (Normal) form, which is pitch black except for the bright red tip, and their Scaled form.

Ukaku: His second Kagune uses to be a primal fire-like design of black colored Ukaku, though he insisted on improving it through Quinque methods, as such, it now has metal parts on it that cover a bit of the base, making them appear more like real wings made of black fire through a process of sectioning, which he can use to expand and contract the wings at will.

Scales: His massive black armor that covers his entire body in a  protective layer of some type of Kagune, the Kakuhou that produce it being so spread out that it is impossible to describe what type it is, though it appears to be able to change appearance and capabilities at will from Masato. 

RC Level: After his quitting the CCG, his RC level is now unknown, though it is believed to be well above even the SS rank Ghouls.

Ward: None.

Bio: Masato prefers not to talk about his past, at least not until people earn his trust enough to be important to him. Either way, he still can't remember a lot about himself not.


Quinque Steel Knuckles: Since Masato already had an arm made of Quinque steel that could easily down a Ghoul with a well placed liver or kidney shot, he decided to have someone make him brass knuckles made of Quinque Steel for his other hand

Dragoon: Masato's massive, one-handed greatsword, Quinque that would normally require a human two hands to wield just barely, while he wields it fine in just one hand. It appears to be made from a Koukaku Ghoul's Kagune that was extracted not long before he acquired it.


No Scared
Let it Burn
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(please provide pics or a description on the appearance of your character,his kagune and kakuja,his mask and any kind of additional gear the character has)




(one eyed/normal ghoul)










||KAKUJA (if you have one)||



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"Case number nine hundred and forty seven has began."

"Step aside."

"Oh! Silly me~! I forgot to give you a tip!"


Ayano Takizawa.


Ignotus. (It's Latin for unknown/unfamiliar, which symbolizes how she is unaware of her beauty.)




Ayano lived in London for a few years to study psychology in a large university and still has a posh British accent, however she is Japanese and is born to Japanese parents.



|| Personality||

Ayano's personality consists of two sides; her investigator side - harsh yet caring at times and her normal self - Kind, sweet, shy and funny.

||Likes and Dislikes||

Ayano really likes chocolate. Like, really, REALLY likes chocolate. To the point where she eats it sometimes when she's on missions. She hates the idea of killing the innocent and can't bring herself to do it.

||CCG Rank||

Special Class Investigator.


Cousin - Seidou Takizawa - "Deceased"
Mother - Unknown - Deceased
Father - Unknown - Deceased
Sister - Unknown - Deceased

||Skills and flaws||

She is very fast and strong, however if anything about her past or killing the innocent is mentioned, she tends to lose focus, as it reminds her of her dark and sad past.


Ayano tends to change her gear around all the time, so ghouls don't get used to one particular quinque or weapon. So far, the rare few know which she has, and which she doesn't. Ayano likes being unknown and confusing, it makes her laugh.


Ayano lived a happy, normal childhood until she was seven years old. Her family were all eaten by ghouls, and she was forced to watch. Luckily, the CCG arrived before they could eat Ayano. Since that day, Ayano pledged she would join the CCG in order to make it up to them for saving her life, and also to stop the infestation of ghouls and the terrorization of humans. She buried herself deep into her studies and graduated the Academy when she was nearly sixteen years old, top of her class. She joined the CCG as an investigator and she worked herself up to the top. She is extremely well-known throughout Tokyo, and indeed, Japan for being the most gifted investigator to date...However, Ayano still strives to be better. She finds it difficult to cope when people mention anything to do with her family, or her being forced to kill innocent people. It seems she just has a mental breakdown and refuses to do anything but go home to bed. It's almost as if it makes her sick of her own life.

She is also known for wearing pretty dresses on missions, which is quite strange for an investigator. She has grassy-green hair and emerald eyes, which gleam and glimmer beautifully all the time.
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