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Hey, so the second teaser is kinda sorta ready, I've got the design on paper, but no official way to make it and upload it :( I'll get it done ASAP ☺

Yes, that previous pic was a teaser.

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Name: Ris
Age: 8
Race: GH.OS/T
Bio: Number is uberswapped 22, daughter of Kode, has 56-type ghost blood, just like Kode. Her mother is not a GH.OS/T, but instead is a virtual singer (If you don't know what I mean, her mom's a vocaloid, 02, older version). Kode's uberswapped number is unknown, even to her, and she lives with her parents in the Earth Bounds. She can travel to both the Ghost Plain and Digital Fields, since she is half GH.OS/T, half vocaloid. The decal on her shirt is of Kode's design (aka, second picture), in honor of Ghost Rule (again, if you don't know what that is, look at the cover pic for the community, or look it up).
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Name: Karru
Age: 16
Race and Class: Elf Paladin
Bio: Lives in the Earth Bounds, near Plentiful Forest. Plentiful Forest holds plant life that never deceases, unless plucked. She survives off of the land, hunting down animals, which is why she was exiled from her village in the first place. Most days, she uses her magic to locate game, and sometimes hangs out in the Ghost Realm with her friend Kode. Her spear penetrates the thickest of armor, and is so fast, it can deflect bullets, but not always. No one is really sure why she wears bunny ears though...

So I know this question will eventually pop up, so I'm gonna answer it before it does. You can have up to five characters, so long as you are able to keep track of them all. Organize them or do something to be able to distinguish each character from each other. No, you don't have to make another account to do this, just post in the profiles section like you did with your first character. You must always have one character for your profile at all times.

Yes, Kode YTT is me, so that's why that account got an insta-mod, 'cause it's also me, I made a new gmail account.

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el tacocat today!
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Having a nice nap, when I wake up to a huge crash outside of my house. Looking outside, I see a person struggling to wake up. Not thinking that this is unnatural for the living to enter the Ghost Plain, I hurry up and get outside. "HEY! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" I yell to the figure, who then collapses. I run over to the collapsed person, and see that it is a young girl, possibly 8 years old. Bound in anti-ghost wraps, and seems to have been crying tears of blood. Something looked familiar about her though. "AH-!" I suddenly realize who this girl was.

((You'll have to tune in on 6 May to get more story! Best artwork I could have done with Microsoft Paint. Yes ghost plain grass is purple, like ghost blood.))

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Name: Khaos
Age: 8000
Race/Class: Half Demon/Half Knight
Bio: Created as an assassin, using chaos as my power, I am on no ones side. I'm on my own side. I'm neutral. If you want to be my enemy, I suggest you think about that. If you want to be my ally, great decision. I live for chaos!
Lives where?: Lava Spheris
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