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Name: Karru
Age: 16
Race and Class: Elf Paladin
Bio: Lives in the Earth Bounds, near Plentiful Forest. Plentiful Forest holds plant life that never deceases, unless plucked. She survives off of the land, hunting down animals, which is why she was exiled from her village in the first place. Most days, she uses her magic to locate game, and sometimes hangs out in the Ghost Realm with her friend Kode. Her spear penetrates the thickest of armor, and is so fast, it can deflect bullets, but not always. No one is really sure why she wears bunny ears though...

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this is me not the other pictures

hey please let vincent states and caleb kunsleman join here the are willing to join

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Name: Khaos
Age: 8000
Race/Class: Half Demon/Half Knight
Bio: Created as an assassin, using chaos as my power, I am on no ones side. I'm on my own side. I'm neutral. If you want to be my enemy, I suggest you think about that. If you want to be my ally, great decision. I live for chaos!
Lives where?: Lava Spheris

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Name: phoenix destroyer
Age:  1369 dimiyear (27)in human
Race/Class: phoenix
Bio:i love buring my enemies
Lives where?: Lava Spheris
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Name: Uira Shadus
Age: Unknown, but appears to be 21
Gender: Female
Race: A hybrid of naga, succubus, and vampire
Bio: Little is known about this naga, because anyone who finds her and seems like a treat ends up devoured. Only stories of her location and the value of her treasures keep adventurers coming. According to the various legends, some being centuries old, she lives in forests and caves around Earth Bound and is said to be unkillable. The few that she calls friend knows all about her, her true nature, and knows of her treasure.
Lives: Unknown, but said to be around the forests and caves of Earth Bound in most legends
(the pictures are all Uira, the male she is nibbling isn't a part of her backstory)
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name: Draco hunter
Age:1.5 million earth years
Race: dragon
A dragon who hunts people who did evil things in all the earths.
Lives: in the sky lands

Name: Chara Dreemur
Weapon: All Knifes
Bio Chara Has First human Fall to the underground,She was a little psycho and have felings to Asriel.Anyways She was tried go to surface...she's plan didnt work...and she tried kill them...and this didn't work..and she died...asriel cried And takes Chara's body.then asriel goes to the surface and puts Chara's body to the sunflowers...then humans thinks asriel killed chara...finish
special powers: None.
Template: ???
Age: ???
Class: Human
Lives Where? Underground for now
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