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Stop by and please sign the petition if you haven't already!! Also, feel free to share! The more education and voices out there, the better! Much appreciation to everyone!

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Moving along...slowly but surely! Much to still do, and a lot of support still needed. The summary of the DC Sept. 6 meetings. Sorry I couldn’t post sooner! Thank you all for your support!

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I'm in FACEBOOK JAIL! The latest from this past week, and what happens when you post too much...even if it is to educate!
Please share with your groups you are in and on your page!
**I have asked the FB team how many posts a day can be done without "punishment". This question has yet to be acknowledged.

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Don't anyone else feel like post some info.^^

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Maria Rosenburgh
What she was saying was that she's from the UK, have to read her mails if said what city she was from was but that's probably a lie. And she started talking about money she had to send through me my bank account, and that's something I don't understand, how can they pull a scam on me if the money is in my account... Sounds good yeah,, but how are the scam going down.,,,must be something strange, got this kind of offers at least 50-100 times whereba relative is sick or dead and money should be given to welfare and similar. It MUST be some SCAM that I haven't figured out yet.
Well, I'm usually don't talk to the authorities about any criminal deeds but this is dirty deeds, there's.honor amongst thiefs and some crimes are taboo, like rape, women abuse (violence physically and/or mentally), friendthiefs (stealing from friends), and this is something I find as over that line.
She (and some more) will be reported to to:
.. and there's probably some more similar sites
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Cinthia from Accra, Ghana
Jessica in Kabul, Afghanistan for the US peace keeping troops
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Trying to get money from you.!!
. and she'll pay it back as soon as some circumstances where taken care of..
Don't remember name/email but I got it somewhere, ill post that later..
Says she's working as a model in England(?),but is from the US, might have been in Sweden also, according to her..
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