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PARTICIPANTS NEEDED - Facebook Strategy for Well-Being

Q: Did you know that HOW you use Facebook can impact whether your well-being is negatively or positively affected?

Q: Would you like to learn how to use Facebook/social-media in a manner which may PROMOTE well-being?

Q: Would you like to learn how to identify and avoid the potential negative effects of Facebook/social-media?

Q: Would you like to help advance the science around Facebook/social-media and its impact on well-being and self-esteem?

...then I would LOVE to get your help in creating a Facebook Strategy for Well-Being (FSW). Please follow the link below to obtain more details about this research and to fill out the Participant Signup Form.

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Would You Like To Help Transform the World?

Many would say our planet is in crisis. Natural resources are being exploited at unsustainable rates. Climate change continues to threaten our very survival on the planet. The gap between the rich and poor continues to widen leaving millions of people starving and without many of the basic necessities of life. What we need is a fundamental shift in human, social, business and government thinking. A shift in attitude which accepts our fundamental interconnectedness and global responsibility for the welfare of all living creatures and the planet we share. A shift in thinking, feeling and awareness is needed. A transformation of human consciousness which goes beyond (trans) personal, self-serving and egoic thinking. A transformation of humanity in all aspects of our personal, professional and political lives. An approach to living, thinking, feeling and engaging with our fellow humans which goes beyond (trans) ego and self-interest. This is the realm of TRANSpersonal perspectives - this is the field of TRANSpersonal psychology.

The transpersonal psychology programmes and courses offered through Alef Trust are a response to the growing need to create sustainable and ethical development, social and ecological harmony and opportunities for individual growth and community transformation. Our programmes and courses flourish through a culturally diverse, globally distributed student body and are delivered by acclaimed instructors across a broad range of academic disciplines, research backgrounds and wellness philosophies.

Courses & Programmes Starting September 2018

(1) Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology (MSc)

(2) Approached to Consciousness (Open Learning)

(3) Transpersonal Psychology (Open Learning)

(4) All Open Learning Courses (Starting February 2019)

“I find the course a hugely positive experience: the academics; the community; the resources. It’s been eye-opening. I work full time as well. There is flexibility around the time that I do things. Everyone is hugely supportive, and very respectful and responsive to any questions I sent in emails.” ~ Robin Jordan (Ireland)

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Help Us Change the World!

+Alef Trust is Hiring! (remote/telecommute)

(1) Business Development Manager
(2) Executive Assistant

Would you like to join our global community of educators, students and staff in helping to manage and administer the operations of a leading transformational online learning facility? Alef Trust is growing and we are seeking candidates to fill two newly created positions. If you are a Business Development Manager or Executive Assistant familiar with the educational sector, and have the disposition, community-mindedness, experience and qualifications which fit with our mission and goals, we would love to hear from you. Follow the link below to view the complete job descriptions and how to apply for our (part-time and telecommuted) positions as a Business Development Manager or Executive Assistant.

Apply and Job Descriptions:

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Theme: "The Relevance of Transpersonal Psychology to Research & Professional Practice"

The British Psychological Society (BPS) - Transpersonal Psychology Section, is holding it's annual conference from September 14-16th 2018 at the University of South Wales, Newport City Campus.


Prof Brian Les Lancaster
Magical escapism or transpersonal embodiment? Working with imagery in professional practice

Dr Andrew Powell
Keeping Soul in Mind: Psychiatry and the Transpersonal

Dr Penny Sartori
How a Deeper Understanding of Consciousness at the End of Life Can Enhance Practice for Healthcare Practitioners

Dr +Steve Taylor
Moving Beyond Materialism: How Transpersonal Psychology Can Contribute to Cultural Transformation


For the conference we have adopted the theme of The Relevance of Transpersonal Psychology to Research & Professional Practice and our keynote speakers have been chosen to reflect this. However, there is no requirement for individual submissions to reflect the conference theme; any topic of relevance to transpersonal psychology will be deemed appropriate for consideration.

Deadline for all submissions is 23:59 on Sunday 15th July 2018.



+Alef Trust is a not-for-profit community-interest organization offering online transformational Graduate Programmes and Open Learning Courses for academic, professional and personal development. We foster holistic educational, community and cultural activities that emphasize transpersonal perspectives and transformational learning opportunities. Alef Trust is honoured to be sending two of our esteemed faculty to the annual BPS transpersonal psychology conference: Professor Les Lancaster (Director) and Dr. Steve Taylor. Alef Trust has recently partnered with Liverpool John Moores University (LMJU) and announced many new programmes and courses begining in September of 2018.

Alef Trust Announcement:

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New Courses, New Programmes & New Partner!

NEW online transformational learning courses and programmes in psychology, consciousness, spirituality and coaching starting September 2018!

All of us here at the +Alef Trust are pleased to announce our new partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in the UK. This partnership means that we can develop new programmes and courses that will be quality-assured and accredited by the university and our graduating students will be awarded LJMU certificates and degrees. The highly-praised MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology (CSTP) is the first programme to run through the new partnership, and commences in September 2018.


Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology
(MSc - Sept/18)

Approaches to Consciousness
(Open Learning Course - Sept/18)

Transpersonal Psychology
(Open Learning Course - Sept/18)

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology
(Open Learning Course - Feb/19)

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology
(Certificate of Participation - Feb/19)

#aleftrust #transpersonalpsychology #consciousness #spirituality #onlinelearning #graduateschool

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Transpersonal Activism: Transpersonal Rights as Human Rights

Do you believe in the fundamental right of all people to be able to access and engage in consciousness expanding practices for medicinal, therapeutic, spiritual and social purposes?

Do you have the passion of an activist?

If you are passionate about transpersonal psychology/practices, you can now participate in an initiative/proposal to the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) to have such practices considered a basic human right.

#transpersonal #transpersonalpsychology #spirituality #consciousness #aleftrust

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Transform your life TODAY through these four Open Learning Courses from +Alef Trust in Contemporary Spirituality, Creativity and Transformation, Transpersonal Dreaming and Kabbalistic Psychology.

Seats are FILLING UP FAST for the April 23 2018 start-date so sign-up today and take those first steps towards personal transformation.


"This course covers two aspects. The first (led by Ellis Linders) considers the cultural implications of the shift into secular spirituality, where self-agency and self-realisation are the spiritual focus. The second part of this option (led by Steve Taylor, PhD) examines the phenomenon of spiritual awakening outside the context of spiritual or religious traditions."

Signup TODAY:


"In this course we explore the nature of creativity and its relationship to human development and growth. We examine the psychosomatic dynamics at work in any creative process, focusing in particular on arts-based practices, such as creative writing, spontaneous sketching and drawing, and movement and voice improvisation. The practices are contextualised within the history and philosophy of arts movements, the psychology of creativity & creative therapies."

Signup TODAY:


"In this course we explore transpersonal dimensions of dreaming, drawing on scientifically grounded theories and empirical findings in dream research, as well as on historical and spiritual traditions. We examine how our dreams relate to our waking life and how they can bring inspiration and even transform us."

Signup TODAY:


"In this course we examine and evaluate psychological insights found within the corpus of kabbalistic texts. Such insights may be seen to comprise two related aspects: First, the challenge to understanding the nature of mind and, second, the development of techniques and practices directed at attaining a transformed level of being."

Signup TODAY:

Along with our PhD, Master's and Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma Programmes, Alef Trust also offers 13 Open Learning Courses which can be taken individually and completely online.

Alef Trust:

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Using Amazon’s MTurk to harvest 50 million Facebook profiles

Sharing my latest article discussing Amazon’s role in facilitating data access to 50 million Facebook profiles.

Learn more:

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Transpersonal Dreaming Psychology

Are you curious about some of the new science into dreaming and its relation to spiritual and mystical aspects of psychology?

Have you wondered about how extraordinary and transformative dreams have shaped human history?

Are you familiar with the transpersonal and transformational dimensions which the study and practice of lucid dreaming can reveal?

+Alef Trust has a few seats left in our groundbreaking and completely online Open Learning Course into Transpersonal Dreaming starting in April 2018.

Seats are also still available in our Kabbalistic Psychology Open Learning Course starting in April 2018. Click on the image below for links to more information and to register for these transformational Open Learning Courses.

#dreaming #transformation #luciddreaming #transpersonal #wellness #psychology

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