Played my first game of Follow yesterday and had a blast. We took on The Dragon, which in our instance was a Wolf from Hell here to devour the Earth.

We defended a village by convincing Ellis, the sole survivor of a previous attack, to wield a magic sword powered by his will to protect the innocent.

We found the beast's weakness by finding a sword powered by innocence and letting a twelve-year old, Prior, lead us into battle. His father Anthos, was not happy with this, but swore to stand at his son's side.

We cornered the beast by facing Ellis, now an enemy of the fellowship, and disrupting a ritual meant to give the wolf even greater power. Ellis wielded a sword powered by his will to protect, but he had lost that will and the sword was powerless. Prynn faced him with a sword powered by his need for revenge, but he had overcome that obsession and his sword was likewise drained. Prynn won and Prior was able to enter the cavern to face the wolf.

The one moment of confusion was when this fight broke out mid-scene, with player characters on one side and non-player characters on the other side. We wanted to smoothly determine consequences in this scene without waiting for the resolution of the whole challenge. We kind of resolved this ad-hoc, with proposed actions and consequences being floated. It worked, but it lacked the smooth flow of the rest of the game. There were a few exchanges like "I attack.", "He leaps out of the way" that felt like the narrative wasn't moving forward.

What I would want to do next time would be to formalize how risky actions like this are resolved:
- The acting character states what they want out of the situation and asks 'what price would I have to pay to achieve this?'
- The others set a price of the proposed action.
-The acting character decides to accept the price or abandon their stated goal.

This is, perhaps obviously, taken from the escalation system in Kingdom. I think it would weave together nicely with scenes in Follow.

Can characters who betray the Fellowship return as antagonists? Or are they out of the narrative for good?

Hey thanks for accepting me in! Follow was one of the best games I tried for the first time this year. It completelly amazed me!

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I bought the RPG, but I guess I didn't buy the pdf. Or can't find it. I don't need a pdf, but I'd love to have some character sheets so I can play it again this coming weekend. I didn't find a link from the page. Are character and reference sheets available anywhere?

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After double betrayals, we won our rebellion by getting slaughtered on the battlefield…

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Just a quick play report I saw that I wanted to share. The second game had 7 players, which is pretty darn bold.

So my group plays almost exclusively online. Does anyone know of a good app to simulate drawing stones?

What is the minimum and maximum number of players for a game of Follow?

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I've been writing various articles about GM-less gaming on Steemit lately,, but this is the first time I've been able to work Follow into a post. I'm pretty proud of that.

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Those of you who understand Spanish, may see here the interest this game is raising in Spain:
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