Eh, I don't like to get a picture of the internet for my O.C..
I will just created my own, I guess
I'm actually a pretty good role player
So, I'm just gonna Draw my own Character...
I should be done tomorrow...

Thanks for the invite!! ^^

And Btw, my Bio is going to be long.. 😅

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Name: kilup (key lup) alaph (alaf)

Age: can't remember

Gender: female

Species: I don't know... But I'm the last of my kind...

Likes: nothing

Dislikes: nothing

Short bio: well... I don't even have much to say except that I was born on October 13th on a Friday....
I don't remember anything from the past...



{{*~Light rope~*}}
Dmg: depends
Des: gathers light forme anywhere and weaves it into a strong rope that will get tighter as you struggle.

{{*~Shadow clone~*}}
dmg: depends
Des: I clone myself using shadows to attack nearby targets.

Neko (first pic)
Cat (second pic)
Hell hound (fourth pic)
Human (third pic)
Phoenix (fifth pic)
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Name: Vincent Indego

Age: 23

Gender: male

Likes: killing, toast, purple things, Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria.

Dislikes: children, needles, carousels.

Short bio: I am Vincent Indego and I was born in 1962 on December 12. And before you ask, yes, I killed the five children, but whatcha gonna do? Save them? Well you can't!
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Name: Marth Void
 Age: 16
Gender: male
Species: angel/demon hybrid
powers: electricity,ice,darkness,zero energy,psychokinesis 
Likes: wolves, the dark, music, video games
Dislikes: repetitive things, going too long without being entertained, seeing those he cares about hurt in any way
Short bio: Marth is one people would call a hopeless romantic and a light of hope yet he is most fascinated by things that take a darker tone. Being half angel and half demon he was shunned by his parents. he learned everything he knows through events in life so he is quite wise.
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