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Name: Moonlight Dragneel
Age: 16
Ginger: Female
Magic: Dark, Fire,
Spells:.Shadow Make, Fire Dragon Roar, Dark Dragon Shadow Ball Attack, Black Rose Requip, Fire Dragon Wing Attack, Fire Dragon Iron Defense, Shadow Heal, Shadow Fire Teleportation
Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Mark: Upper Arm
Brother: Natsu Dragneel
Crush: Gray
Friends: Erza Scarlet, Crystal Fullbuster, Lucy, Happy The Cat
Likes: Her Crush, Fire, Her Brother, Friends, Team Members
Dislikes: Mean People, Dark Guild, Mean Friends
Bio: When Was Little Moonlight Was Teached Magic From The Black Rose Dragon. One Day The Dragon Disappear The Same Time Natsu's Dragon Father Disappear. So Now We Are A Team Even Tho Natsu Is A Pain In The Ass Sometimes.
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