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By +julianna wolfies
mark x reader (finally had time)

Mark was almost crying you could see his tears.
(Y/N) aww mark come here its ok. i kinda know what you been through
Mark you do?
(Y/N) yeah, I got heartbroken in the same way on my old school, but that is past and now is now try not to think about it.
in the next class you didn't see Jack or Mark so you sat with Ethan and Tyler. After school you called first Mark and then Jack to come over to your hose. They both said yes and came at the same time. When you opened the door you saw them hitting each other. You had to scream to make them to make them stop. They came in and you told the story that Mark told you.
(Y/N)so Jack I wanna know why you beat Jack and then broke up with him for no reason.
Jack-bcs someone said if I didn't they would hurt Mark a lot.
Mark-but why didn't you say that
Jack-bcs I was scared they would find out
Jack looked down at his feet.
Mark-I understand but could we at least still be friends.
(Y/N) well it's kinda late maybe you could sleep here
They both said yeah

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